Watson Wins Big In Montenegro

The Triton Poker Super High Roller Series is continuing down in Montenegro, and Mike Watson is the biggest winner up to this point. Watson was able to win Event #3 of the series, and he took home more than $1.02 million in the process. 

When it comes to the Triton Poker Series, Watson is a player that is always one to watch when he shows up to compete. He has now won more than $10 million in this series alone, and he will look to add to that total in other events. 

The buy-in for this event was $30,000, and there were 100 different players that paid up the money to compete. This was one of those events in which players could buy back in after being eliminated and a total of 54 of them decided to give things another shot. 

This win from Watson was one that he had to work hard for as he was not the chip leader when it was time for the final table. It didn’t take much for the poker player from Canada to make a move to get on top of the action, pushing Wai Kiat Lee out of the top spot. 

Final Table Action

Hossein Ensan was looking to be the final player to reach the final table, but the top nine was locked in when the former WSOP Main Event champion fell out. Stephen Chidwick ended up being the first player eliminated at the final table as his aggressive play came back to bite him in a big way. 

Watson was able to benefit from the poor play from Chidwick as he busted him out and was then able to pick up a substantial amount of chips. Waton then actually saw two straight hands go against him, pushing him into a bit of desperation mode early at the final table. 

Things really started to heat up with just five players to go and it was David Yan that ended the run for Morten Klein. Klein was still able to walk away with over $300,000, but was positioned to have a better placement. 

After there were just four players remaining, the chip count was incredibly tight, which added to the excellent action. Here how the final four finished up:

  • Mike Watson $1,023,000
  • Kiat Lee $691,000
  • Ding Biao $475,000
  • David Yan $387,000

Other Tournaments Taking Place

The action down in Montenegro is not even close to ending as there are still some big payouts left to be claimed. This week is filled with multiple events that are lasting at least two days, and more than 100 players are expected at each event. 

Nikit Kuznetsov is currently holding on to the chip lead in Event #5, and the payout for this win is going to be larger. Since there are so many high rollers down in Montenegro competing, the Triton Series has multiple events going on at one time. 


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