Win BetOnline Freeroll Tickets by Completing 6+ Missions

Six Plus Holdem at BetOnlineBetOnline is encouraging players to try 6+ NL Texas Hold´em Poker by offering freeroll tournament tickets to players who complete daily missions.

BetOnline Poker´s latest promotion is an attempt to attract players to its latest cash game format – 6+ NL Hold´em. However, rather than reward players for trying out the new cash games, the site is rewarding players who play its regular games with a freeroll tournament ticket. The twist is that the freeroll tournament has a 6+ NL Hold´em format.

The logic behind this promotion is that many players at BetOnline Poker are reluctant to leave the regular games to try something new because they risk missing out on a share of the Bad Beat Jackpot if it is won while they are away from the tables. BetOnline Poker hopes that, by giving players a free taste of 6+ NL Texas Hold´em, they will return willingly to play the new format.

How the Daily Missions Promotion Works

Each day BetOnline Poker is hosting five 6+ NL Texas Hold´em freeroll tournaments at 8:00pm (all times ET). The freeroll tournaments have varying prize pools ranging from $50 to $250; and, to win a ticket to one of the tournaments, you have to complete a mission. The mission consists of playing at least a hundred raked hands between 6:00 am on the day prior to the freeroll tournament and 5:59 am on the day of the freeroll tournament. Basically, play a hundred raked hands within a day.

You can play the hands at any regular NL Hold´em table or at a Jackpot table for stakes of $0.50/$1.00 and upwards. The stakes you play at determines the value of the freeroll you are eligible to enter. For example, if you play a hundred raked NL Hold´em hands at stakes of 10 NL, you will be awarded a ticket for the $50 freeroll. If you play a hundred raked NL Hold´em hands at stakes of 25 NL, you will be awarded a ticket for the $100 freeroll.

The other stakes you can play at are 50 NL ($150 freeroll tournament), 100 NL ($200 freeroll tournament), and 200 NL ($250 freeroll tournament). You can, if you wish, qualify for more than one 6+ NL Texas Hold´em freeroll tournament a day and there is no requirement to opt into the promotion. You ticket will be issued automatically for you to manually register for each freeroll. Please note however that the freeroll tournament tickets will expire if you don´t use them.

One important point to mention is that the 6+ NL Texas Hold´em freeroll tournaments are timed tournaments and will end after an hour. Players who survive the hour of action will win a share of the prize money depending on the size of the chip stack they have in front of them when the tournament ends. It´s quite a sensible idea to use the timed tournament format, as a lot of players will want to get back to the Jackpot tables in the hope the Bad Beat Jackpot gets won.

6+ also Added to the Regular Tournament Schedule

In addition to the freeroll tournaments, BetOnline Poker has also added a limited number of 6+ NL Texas Hold´em events to the regular tournament schedule. These have buy-ins from $1.00 to $5.00 (BetOnline Poker has taken off the fee while these tournaments are still new) and have a guaranteed prize pool of 100 times the buy-in. Each 6+ NL Texas Hold´em tournament allows players to re-enter up to four times before the end of late registration (typically eleven levels).

If you would like to try the new format out, and you don´t yet have an account with BetOnline Poker, you could take advantage of this promotion and the site´s first deposit bonus simultaneously. Simply visit BetOnline to create your account, and then make your first deposit using the BetOnline Poker bonus code [bonuscode room=”betonlinepoker”][/bonuscode] – which entitles you to a 100% match first deposit bonus up to $1,000. Then play a minimum of 100 raked hands to qualify for a seat in a 6+ NL Texas Hold´em freeroll tournament.

At the same time as you are playing the 100 raked hands, you will be earning Comp Points towards clearing your bonus. However, before you start playing, it is important you follow the instructions in my review for [geolink href=””]claiming the bonus at BetOnline Poker[/geolink]. Players who forget to contact Customer Services after making their first deposit may find their bonuses forfeited due to the site´s unusual procedures.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett