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Win a Sit and Go Jackpot up to $30,000 at Ignition Poker

Ingition's Jackpot Sit & GoIgnition Poker has just launched hyper-turbo, three-handed Sit and Go Jackpot games in which players can win up to $30,000 within minutes.

In my [geolink href=””]Ignition Poker review[/geolink], I conclude the review by stating there are more opportunities for a new or recreational poker player to enjoy a long-term profitable online poker experience … … on a level playing field. Now there is another opportunity.

Ignition Poker has just launched hyper-turbo, three-handed Sit and Go Jackpot games in which players can win a random prize up to $30,000. Like all the other games at Ignition Poker, the Sit and Go Jackpot games are played anonymously, with no player able to get an artificial advantage over another.

The new Sit and Go games are already proving very popular. Early feedback on poker forums suggests they are easier to beat than normal because few players have experience of the games and their unique strategies. This will likely be of particular benefit to new Ignition Poker players from Australia, who have had many years´ experience playing on PokerStars´ Spin & Go games.

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How to Win up to $30,000 at Ignition Poker

The new Sit and Go Jackpot games can be found under a new Sit and Go Jackpots menu item in the Ignition Poker lobby. On opening the Jackpot lobby, players will find there is a choice of four buy-ins from $3.00 to $30.00 and that they can select to play one, two, three or four games at a time.

When there are three players registered for each game, the spinner in the top right hand corner of the lobby starts spinning and stops on a prize multiplier of between 2 times the buy-in and 1,200 times the buy-in. The game starts with each player having 500 chips and blinds increasing every three minutes.

In the event that a “low” prize multiplier is spun (2 times, 5 times or 15 times the buy-in), only the winner of the game will get paid. When a “high” prize multiplier is spun (120 times, 240 times or 1,200 times the buy-in) players finishing second and third also receive a prize.

The prize money for finishing second or third in the “high” Sit and Go Jackpot games is 10% of the prize received by the winner. So, in a $2.00 buy-in game with a 240 times multiplier, the total prize pool would be $480. The winner will receive $400 and the players finishing second and third will receive $40 each. In a $30.00 buy-in game with a 1,200 times multiplier, the winner will receive $30,000.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Points about this Game

As with any change to an online poker site´s portfolio of games, there are good points, bad points and downright ugly points. In the case of Ignition Poker´s new Sit and Go Jackpot games, the good points are that the games are reported to be soft, are well-populated and run around the clock.

The bad point is that a rake of 7% is included in the buy-in. Although the percentage rake compares well with some other online poker sites, Ignition Poker is not awarding Player Points for Sit and Go Jackpot games. Consequently these games are best avoided if you are trying to clear the Ignition Poker bonus.

The potentially ugly point is that the Sit and Go Jackpot games may cannibalize the healthy regular Sit and Go games at Ignition Poker. There is no evidence yet to support this theory, and it has been pointed out by a contributor to the 2+2 poker forum it is possible to play the maximum number of Jackpot games while still playing regular Sit and Go games. This potentially ugly point is still uncertain.

One thing that is certain is that the introduction of Sit and Go Jackpot games gives players a wider variety of choice at Ignition Poker. Certainly it was an element of the site that was absent before, and will likely attract a new breed of player to the site. If you are experienced at playing hyper-turbo. three-handed games, or would like to develop your game in this area, make sure you visit Ignition Poker soon.

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