Win Your WSOP Main Event Buy-In at Winning Poker Network

WSOP promos at Winning Poker Network (WPN)The Winning Poker Network is once again running a WSOP Steps promotion that gives players the opportunity to win the buy-in to the WSOP Main Event from $0.28.

Regular visitors to will be aware that, for several years, the Winning Poker Network has hosted promotions offering “WSOP Main Event Packages” as prizes. If you have taken part in any of these promotions, you will also be aware the prize actually consists of $12,500 in cash and that you can do anything you want with it (i.e. you don´t have to use it to buy into the WSOP Main Event).

At present – while the record-breaking OSS Cub3d series is underway – the Network is keeping the bulk of its WSOP promotions under wraps. However, it has just released details of a WSOP Steps Sit & Go promotion, which is similar to its Steps promotions in previous years, but with a slight twist regarding the final Step – the one which awards the $12,500 cash prizes.

In this year´s WSOP Steps promotion, rather than play a final Sit & Go game at Step 7, the Network will be hosting a Multi-Table Step 7 Tournament on Sunday 9th June guaranteeing fifteen prizes of $12,500 in cash – enough for the WSOP Main Event buy-in ($10,000) with plenty left over to pay for some decent accommodation and your travel expenses, or enough to treat yourself to (for example) a new car.

How the WSOP Steps Promotion Works

The Winning Poker Network´s WSOP Steps promotion actually consists of eight Steps (the first is called “Step 0” for some reason). Each Step can be bought into directly, and each consists of a 9-player turbo Sit & Go game which (other than in “Step 0”) rewards the top two or three players with a ticket for the next Step (see chart below). Please note you have to manually register for each Step.

Step Buy-In First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place
0 $0.28 Ticket for Step 1 $0.30 $0.30
1 $1.65 Ticket for Step 2 Ticket for Step 2 $0.30
2 $6.60 Ticket for Step 3 Ticket for Step 3 Ticket for Step 3 $4.50
3 $16.50 Ticket for Step 4 Ticket for Step 4 $25.00
4 $55.00 Ticket for Step 5 Ticket for Step 5 Ticket for Step 5
5 $150.00 Ticket for Step 6 Ticket for Step 6 $180.00
6 $540.00 Ticket for Step 7 Ticket for Step 7 $660.00

The first seven Steps (“Step 0” to “Step 6”) can be found in the Sit & Go lobby under the “Satellite” tab. The easiest way to find the Multi-Table Step 7 Tournament is to visit the Tourney lobby and click on the “Steps” tab. One important point to note is that, because the final Step has a lower buy-in than in previous years, the distribution of prizes for Step 6 is better than before.

Watch Out for More WPN WSOP Promotions

Typically, as the WSOP Main Event draws closer, the Winning Poker Network steps up its volume of WSOP promotions. In previous years, it has also allowed players with unused tickets to enter online qualifiers for other Network events – for example, in 2017, players with Step 6 tickets were able to opt out of the Steps promotion and use their tickets for a WSOP Main Event Mega-Satellite.

This year, with the Network focusing hard on the $5 million guaranteed Venom tournament on 21st July (the weekend after the WSOP concludes), the likelihood is players will be able to opt out of the WSOP Steps promotion and into a satellite for the Network´s feature tournament of the year. It´s no certainty this will happen, but I´m sure more news will be released once the OSS Cub3d series has finished.

Where to Play the WPN´s WSOP Steps Games

If you are a US-based player, the WPN´s WSOP Steps games are already running at Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, and True Poker. They are also online at the Spanish-speaking Ya Poker which does not accept players from the U.S. and some other regulated jurisdictions (i.e. the United Kingdom). If you already have an account with these sites, don´t forget about the OSS Cub3d reload bonus promotion taking place next week; and if you don´t have an account with any of these sites, please read my reviews to see how you could qualify for a 100% first deposit bonus up to $1,000.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett