Winning Poker Network Bans Bots and Plans Software Upgrade

The Winning Poker Network (WPN) has been working steadily to ensure that the site stays secure and provides players with a quality iPoker experience. To do this, the WPN has been upgrading its security team knowledge, particularly in the realm of identifying bots. Just a few days ago, the site announced several accounts had been banned due to bot usage. Along with this announcement, the network also plans to upgrade its software once more.

Game Integrity Team Announces Bans

The Game Integrity Team is the security team of the WPN who has been working to monitor online poker tables very closely. The goal is to ensure that bots are not operating, creating a fair gaming environment for every player.

Just recently it was announced by Randy Lew, the WPN Security Consultant, that several accounts had been banned due to bot usage. The site was able to identify 4,715 players who were due a payout because of bot usage against them. The total amount due back came in at $153,000.

A player from Russia named Beast008 was banned with just over $123,000 reimbursed to players. A player based in the USA going by Wook was banned soon after and just over $10,800 paid back to players.

A USA player going by the name Ezyonme was banned and players against him received $5,337.84 in reimbursed funds. A Ukraine player named Durashura was banned and $6,700 returned to players. The remaining amounts were much lower, at $3,000 or less.

Players who were the victim of bots were contacted by WPN and then reimbursed for funds lost. The WPN website provides detailed information on the bots and the banned accounts, along with the players affected.

Because of its due diligence, players are less affected by bots at WPN and feel safer playing online poker within the network.

Upcoming Software Upgrade

Just as the site takes care to prevent bot usage, WPN is also focused on upgrading its software. On June 30 from 7 am to 8am Eastern time, the WPN will be upgrading the platform. Included in the update is security related changes. Security functions will be improved regarding restriction applications.

The operator has plans to add new sounds when players win a pot as well as within the Blitz Poker tables. Jackpot Poker tables will have automatic sound added with Blitz tables having an animation opt-out added.

The update will also restrict players from buying in to a flight of an event after making Day 2 from another flight. The point of this is to allow players to register for one flight at a time. Players will also be able to make a will while at WPN and be able to turn over their account to someone else. This is a unique approach and something that players may or may not be interested in.

All of these changes will set WPN to continue to be successful in the online poker world. Safety and security, as well as regular updates are a must for players who enjoy online poker on a regular basis.

Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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