WPN Announces TWO Live PLO Cage Events for this Fall

Winning Poker NetworkThe Winning Poker Network will be looking to break records this fall when the Live Cage events in October and December will both have PL Omaha formats.

Last December, the Winning Poker Network (WPN) hosted its first PL Omaha Live Cage event. Thirty-nine players turned up to play at the Taormina Hotel in San Jose, making it the most popular Live Cage ever. After two days of action, only twelve of the thirty-nine players had chips left in front of them – US poker player Nick Boll being the biggest winner of them all, with an impressive chip stack worth $50,485.

Two Live Cage events have been held subsequently – both with slightly smaller fields (twenty-seven players and thirty players respectively). Consequently the Winning Poker Network has announced that its two Live Cage events scheduled for the weekends of October 5th/6th and December 7th/8th will both have PL Omaha formats in the hope of attracting more players and setting a new record.

More about WPN´s Live Cage Events

If you are unfamiliar with the Live Cage, it is a two-day cash game played over four levels of two hours, with the blinds and antes increasing each level. Players start with $5,000 in chips, and the objective of the game is to survive the two days of action and emerge from the Live Cage with more chips than you entered with. Most often it is played in 6-Max NL Hold´em format.

As the event is held close to the Winning Poker Network´s head office, it has a party feel about it. Players are treated to dinner at the hotel on the Friday before the game starts, and then to an evening in the casino bar on Saturday. You are also able to take a tour of San Jose and – if you win a package to the event – you get given $1,000 in spending money as part of your prize.

How to Win a Package to the Live Cage

Every Sunday at 6pm (ET), sites on the Winning Poker Network host a “Beast and Sit & Crush Live Cage Satellite”. You can win your seat in the satellites by finishing high in the weekly Beast and Sit & Crush leaderboard competitions, or you can buy into the satellite directly for $55. Each satellite awards a minimum of three packages to the Live Cage worth $8,340 and consisting of:

  • Buy-in to the Live Cage cash game
  • $800 towards your airfare
  • 3 nights accommodation at the hotel
  • $340 in casino chips to play cash games
  • $1,000 spending money to spend however you like

One very good reason to play in the Live Cage satellite is that there is a lot of dead money on the tables during the early levels. A lot of players qualify for the satellite via the leaderboard competitions who can´t play the 6pm tournament or who do not want to go to the Live Cage event. Therefore it´s not difficult to build up a decent stack early to enhance your chances of winning a package.

Also Live Cage Events for NL Hold´em Players

Before the two Live PLO Cage events, NL Hold´em events are planned for the weekends of June 1st/2nd and August 10th/11th. On average, more players survive NL Hold´em cage events than the twelve of thirty-nine that survived last December´s Live PLO Cage, and you can always get some practice beforehand by playing in online Cage events each week at Black Chip Poker and Americas Cardroom.

It´s also important to remember that, when you win a package to the Live Cage, you can pick which weekend you want to play – so you are not committed to playing in the next one. This means you have plenty of chances to qualify for one of the Live PLO Cage events before the fall and potentially turn an investment of $55 into a cash of more than $50,000.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett