WPT Global Announces New Leaderboard

The online poker industry continues to become more and more popular, and WPT Global is trying to increase the stakes in 2024. In a recent announcement, WPT Global has unveiled a new leaderboard that will pay out the top online poker players from around the world.

While most poker tournaments are known for only having some massive prizes available to a select few players, anyone that finishes in the top 100 will take home a cut of $250,000. There is still a push to be on top of the leaderboard though as the winner will receive a prize package worth $100,000.

There is a significant gap between the top prize and second place as the runner-up and third place finishers will check in with $25,000 in prize money. This leaderboard actually dates back to December 24th of last year, and the final day to rack up points this year is November 24th. 

Plenty of Play Needed

When taking a look at some of the details of this new leaderboard, it is very clear that the most passionate online poker players are going to be the one’s that cash in. Playing in just one online poker tournament throughout the year is not going to put a player on a path to finishing up on this leaderboard.

There are only a handful of events in which players can earn points, and they are some of the biggest tournaments put on by WPT. The first option that players can check out are entering into the WPT Seasonal events, and those take place four times per year. 

WPT also offer mid-season festivals four times per year, and that’s another way to rack up the prize points. Finally, players that are looking to be relevant on this leaderboard should look into playing at the Sunday Slam events. 

Since this is the first year of the leaderboard, there could always be changes made for this season, or in the future. Qualifying tournaments are not included in this leaderboard, and neither are the satellite events that tend to pop up. 

Buy-In Amount Matters

Not all of the tournaments are going to be equal when trying to climb to the top of the leaderboard, and that was done on purpose. The events with a higher buy-in will come with more leaderboard points, and that should award the biggest players in the sport. 

The buy-in will be a part of the equation for handing out leaderboard points, with the winner of each event earning a 1.5x bonus point multiplier. Only the top six finishers in each tournament will be given any bonus points for this event. 

This will give some of those players that enjoy smaller buy-in tournaments a chance to rack up some points, but more wins would be needed.  WPT Global is doing what it can to increase it’s brand, while also willing to hand out some serious prizes to players. 

The updated leaderboard can be found online, and will be updated at the conclusion of every qualifying event.


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