WPT Rolling Thunder Championship Coming Soon

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is going to continue to roll right along in 2024, and one of the most anticipated stops is coming in March. The WPT Rolling Thunder Championship will be held from March 23-26, and it’s an event that will attract plenty of competitors. 

This event is set to be held at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort, and it’s a location that has been used for previous WPT events. The main event is actually going to be a part of a much larger festival, and players flock to northern California in order to get involved. 

There are a total of 21 events set to take place throughout the WPT Rolling Thunder Series, and the range of buy-ins will allow a number of players to enter into the biggest events. The entire series will begin on May 7th, but it’s all going to lead up to what should be a terrific championship event.

A Look at the Main Event

There were nearly 600 entrants that participated at the WPT Rolling Thunder Championship a season ago, and it was Scott Eskenazi that walked away with over $361,000. This was a field that was loaded with some big names, including WPT commentator Tony Dunst.

Now that the top players in the world have realized how prestigious of an event this is, more big name players are expected to get into the action. There will be a buy-in of $3,500 for the main event, and four days of action are scheduled.

What is unique about this championship event is that there will only be one starting flight as opposed to different tables. Day 2 will only be open to those players that still have some chips to compete, and the eliminations will continue throughout the day. 

Each player will be given 50,000 chips after paying the buy-in, and the blinds are going to increase every single hour. Day 1 is expected to be the longest day of the main event as there will be eight levels of play before the action wraps up. 

Other Big Events Offered

Many of the events throughout this series will come with a buy-in of $500 or less, and that should create a large number of entries. All of the action is going to kickoff on March 7th with the $300 no-limit hold’em tournament, and there is a pot of $50,000 guaranteed. 

The first big event won’t take place until March 14th as that is when there is a $1,100 no-limit deepstack event set up, and at least one million dollars is guaranteed to be handed out. It’s common for some of the top players to sign up for lower-level tournaments in order to get some play in before the main event. 

The Thunder Valley Casino Resort is located in Lincoln, California, and a large number of players are expected to ascend to the Sacramento area. This second version of the event is expected to be just as successful as the first version. 


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