WSOP Adds to Upcoming 2020 Schedule

Just a short time ago, the World Series of Poker announced details for the upcoming tournament series. Every year, poker players look forward to finding out what the WSOP will have in store. This year, the schedule is full of events, including online ones, offering something for everyone. Now we have learned the schedule includes even more value, with a new Mystery Bounty event and Super High Roller added to the festival.

Mystery Bounty Event

Most poker players enjoy a bounty event due to the extra cash up for grabs. For the most part, bounties are usually set at around $100 and go to the player who knocks out other players with a bounty on their head. For the 2020 WSOP, the schedule now includes a $1,500 Mystery Bounty No Limit Hold’em tournament.

This event will offer 100 mystery bounties that will vary in value with the largest prize being a whopping $250,000. In the tournament, 100 players will have a mystery bounty and they will have no idea of the amount.

Eighty players in the tournament will have a $2,500 bounty. Ten will offer up $10,000 while six will have $25,000 on their heads. Three players will have a $100,000 bounty and one will offer $250,000. Because of the massive bounties up for grabs, it will not be surprising to find a ton of players signing up to compete in this tournament.

Super High Roller Action

The WSOP has added yet another event to the schedule, this time for the players with deep pockets. The $250,000 Super High Roller NLHE is a bracelet event and is new to both the WSOP and Las Vegas. Reportedly, this will be the first time that an event of this price point will take place in the region.

With entry costing $250,000, we should see only the best of the best enter to compete. Poker pros from around the world will be on hand during the WSOP and many should be planning to take part in this event due to the massive win potential.

WSOP Vice President Jack Eiffel commented on the additions by stating that new events are a result of player input. The WSOP is thankful they received many great suggestions and are apparently taking them to heart.

The 2020 schedule of the World Series of Poker is full of new events and offers new price points along with mystery to shake things up. According to Eiffel, the WSOP cannot wait to open their doors and get things started.

Freezeout Events

The WSOP will also include more freezeout events. The latest release of tournament dates includes six additional No Limit Hold’em tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $500 to $5,000. One freezeout is on the schedule for May, with the remaining set for June.

In total, the 2020 WSOP will have over 40 events on the schedule that use the freezeout format. Players are sure to be pleased with the offering of this popular format.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett