WSOP Announces New Payout Structure

It’s nearly time for the 2024 World Series of Poker as some of the play-in tournaments are going to begin at the end of May. Information continues to trickle out ahead of this event, and a new payout structure was just announced as well. 

The bracelet events are going to see the biggest changes as officials have confirmed that the minimum payout will be at least double the buy-in for bracelet events. There will be some events that actually have a larger minimum payout, and all of that information can now be found online. 

This change is not going to impact the Main Event though, as the 1.5x payout structure is going to continue moving forward. The buy-in for the Main Event will once again be $10,000, which means the minimum payout will remain at $15,000. 

The rest of the field will also feature a 1.5% payout structure, and that will impact some of the other payouts to those who don’t win a bracelet. It was clear that changes were coming in some form, but those changes have not been confirmed. 

Complaints Taken Seriously

Players were quick to criticize the payout structure at the conclusion of the 2023 WSOP Main Event, and that even came from champion Chris Moneymaker. The leaders of WSOP actually listened to that criticism and worked hard to come up with a solution that made the most sense. 

All nine players that reach the final table at the Main Event are going to walk away with at least $1 million, and that was not the case a year ago. Ninth place was worth just $900,000 a year ago, and adjustments have been made so that the payouts are more fair. 

The prize for the first-place winner has also changed as it will now be capped at a total of $11 million, a big change from the $12.1 million a year ago. This was done to ensure that the money was split more equally, especially since everyone is forced to pay $10,000 just to compete. 

This grand prize could actually be much lower this year as well as it will be based on the number of participants that sign up to play. If there are less than 10,000 players than the grand prize is going to be set at $10 million. 

Online Payouts Updated

Not only will the live payouts be updated, but the WSOP is also updating the payout schedule online as well. The online bracelet series is going to be making a return, and the payout structure will be approximately 15%. 

Even though it has been confirmed that the online bracelet series has been confirmed, there has not been a schedule that has been released. There is a reason for the delay in announcing the online schedule as players from three states are going to be able to play against one another. 

The Michigan Gaming Control Board has yet to approve shared liquidity, but it’s supposed to be done before the online action starts. 


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