WSOP Introduces POY Rule Changes

The 2024 World Series of Poker is going to dominate the headlines over the next few months, but this year’s version will be different from some others. While players are going to be trying to win every single tournament, there is also a Player of the Year race going on as well. 

There are going to be new rules used to determine the POY this year as WSOP is hoping to make things a bit easier to understand. Big prizes are handed out to those that land on the top of the POY leaderboard, and it’s important to know all of the newest rules that are out there. 

The WSOP is not only trying to make things clearer for this race, but they are also hoping to increase more participation. Players are going to need to compete in at least five tournaments to be eligible to be named the Player of the Year in 2024. 

Only one online bracelet can be used in order to qualify for this race, and finishing in the top-10 is going to be the only way to rack up points. In order to make things easier to understand, WSOP has tweeted out that a maximum of 10 cashes will count, and there is a minimum of five cashes needed. 

This is expected to make the race much tighter throughout the year, and it will also limit the number of players that are competing for this award. Some players were only playing online, and this should keep things more even moving forward. 

Big Prizes Handed Out

Not only does winning the WSOP Player of the Year Award come with plenty of notoriety, there are other prizes awarded as well. The biggest prize is that the 2024 POY will be awarded a seat at the 2025 WSOP Main Event. 

The winner is also going to receive a trophy, but there is an even better way that they are recognized. A banner is going to be displayed at the Horseshoe/Paris Casino depicting the 2024 WSOP winner. 

Ian Matakis the reigning WSOP Player of the Year, but most of this points came from online events a year ago. Shaun Deeb and Chris Brewer were also in the mix, but came up just short as Matakis was racking up the cashes online.


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