WSOPC Going to Toronto

The 2024 World Series of Poker schedule has been released, and the top players are already planning out their summer. For those that don’t want to wait around for the main event, there is plenty of action taking place throughout North America right now.

There are both live and in-person events that take place on the WSOPC, and players are trying to win as many gold rings as possible. While all of the live events have been taking place in the United States, the WSOPC will be heading to Toronto for the first time ever.

The Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto will be hosting this WSOPC event, and it’s going to come with a prize pool of nearly $4 million. This announcement came earlier this week, and GG Poker and Great Canadian Entertainment are teaming up to put this event on. 

While this has been in the works for quite sometime, the announcement was still shocking, but one that came with excitement. Daniel Negreanu is a native of Toronto, and he is a huge name when it comes to World Series of Poker.

This event is expected to attract a number of the best poker players in the world, and there will be many different types of tournaments offered. 

Needed to Happen

Negreanu is not the only professional poker player from Canada, but he is going to be one of the players featured at this event. It’s unclear why it has taken so long for the WSOPC to show up in Canada, but this event is expected to continue in the future. 

There is a massive throng of poker players in Ontario, Canada, and most have been fans of the poker legend. Players from North America could also make the trip north of the border for this event as it will allow them to do some traveling. 

The Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto is the biggest in the entire country, and it was chosen as it can clearly handle this type of an event. This is a newer resort as it just opened up last year, but it has already become extremely popular. 

There is a poker room available at the casino that comes with 30 poker tables, but more could be added for this event. 

Quick Look at the Schedule

This event is going to start on Friday, March 22, and all of the action will wrap up on April 1. That means that the action will be fast and furious throughout the entire event and there are many tournaments that are expected to be popular. 

The main event is set to begin on March 28th, and there will be three flights played before reaching the final table. That is where most of the prize money will be paid out, but it will also be spread out with the other tournaments as well. 

The smallest buy-in at this WSOPC event is C$250 and that should allow a wide range of poker players to get in on the action. 


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