Wynn Summer Classic Schedule Announced

There have already been some great live poker tournaments that have taken place throughout the year, but the bigger events are still coming. It has been a few weeks since the World Series of Poker schedule was announced, but there was a big announcement made this week. 

The Wynn Summer Classic is coming in May, and it’s an event that is going to span from May 22 through July 17th, and all of the action will take place at the Wynn Las Vegas. There are going to be some days which have more action than others, but close to 100 events are going to be taking place overall. 

This is going to be an event that is extremely attractive to live poker players as more than $37 million in prizes are going to be handed out. Of course, the biggest prize will be awarded at the $10 million Wynn Summer Championship event. 

While there will be some events that allow for some smaller players to get into the mix, this event will really be geared for the top players in the sport. Once again, the World Poker Tour is going to be a part of this event as well, and there are some big events planned. 

Big Events for High Rollers

The World Poker Tour Alpha8 Trifecta is going to be one of the featured events that is a part of this major series. This slate of tournaments will feature a $25,000 buy-in and those events are going to span two days. 

The first of these events will take place on June 25-26, and the next big event will be finishing on the 4th of July. The third and final of these events will be held from July 10-11, and that is when the biggest players should be looking to get involved. 

Wynn has not yet announced the total prize pool for these events, as it will depend on how many players agree to join the tournaments. Last year, the biggest prize at one of the trifecta tournaments was more than $1.5 million to a winner. 

Other Key Events

Even though the WPT Alpha8 Trifecta event is expected to attract the most attention, there will be some great events included in this series. The Wynn Summer Championship has a total prize of $10 million available, and this event is really going to be opened up to everyone. 

There are also some satellite events that are going to be held as a part of this event, and that will allow players to compete in other parts of the country. The biggest players are going to make the trip to the Wynn in Las Vegas, but others are only going to make the trip if they qualify. 

A majority of the tournaments in this event are going to be a no limit hold’em event, but other styles of poker will be available as well. With such a wide variety of game styles available, different players will be able to show off their skills in this event.


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