PokerStars Carnival Series a Success

The PokerStars Carnival Series took place on February 5th, and by all accounts it was a massive success. Not only did PokerStars hand out plenty of cash to the winners of each tournament, but those tournaments were loaded with plenty of competitors. 

Over $2.3 million was handed out in three mystery bounty events on February 5th, and many players signed up for a chance to cash in. This is still a relatively new feature at PokerStars, but it’s something that has been extremely exciting for players of different skill levels. 

PokerStars has not committed to continuing offering mystery bounty tournaments, but it’s hard to see them going away anytime soon. It’s clear that players are interested in them, and PokerStars is making enough money to make them relevant. 

This site is known for having Progressive Knockout events, but there are other competitors that feature them as well. Mystery bounty tournaments are one way that PokerStars can stand out in a crowded space, and it’s hard to see those going away for good. 

All-Stars Compete For $750,000

The $1,050 Carnival Series NLHE Mystery Bounty Main Event was the highlight on February 5th as there were 835 entries that competed for a share of $750,000. Not only was this tournament full of competitors, some of the top poker players in the industry got involved. 

Patrick Lauber ended up winning this massive event, and he was able to take home nearly $80,000 in the process. Lauber is well-known in the online poker industry, but he had to defeat several other big names in order to take home the massive prize. 

There were players from seven different countries competing at the final table, and just nine players were in it when that table started. PokerStars always does a great job of getting players from around the world to compete for the top prizes. 

“Grazza” ended up in 9th place at the final table, and that was good enough for a win of just $6256. The cash prizes got much bigger from there as everyone in the top four received at least $25,000 in a base prize. 

The action in this event tended to go extremely quick as players were being eliminated for being too aggressive. That’s the action that PokerStars wants to create, and it proved to be successful. 

Brazil Represented in the Event

It’s not often that a player from Brazil ends up on top of a massive tournament at PokerStars but that was the case during the Carnival. Player “Raphaelciafa” was able to take home nearly $70,000 in base prizes in the $109 Mystery Bounty Event. 

This was another tournament where players from around the world were in competition, and it created some interesting styles of play. The action in this event was rapid as well, especially when it came time for the final table. 

Ninth place in this event paid out just under $5,000, which was impressive for a much smaller buy-in. Since most of the action was taking place at the same time, players had to choose which event suited them the best. 


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