PokerStars Creates a Huge Jackpot for Its Players

PokerStars recently launched The Deal, its mini-rewards game that has a huge jackpot. Players with StarsCoin in their PokerStars account can try their luck. The game offers them opportunities to get huge returns after parting with several coins.

The poker operator awards players StarsCoin, a virtual currency, whenever they take part in real-money games. They amass points after completing every game and fill in the progress bar. A player can unlock the Chest after they reach the bar’s capacity to get a wide array of rewards like StarsCoin.

An individual can spend StarsCoin in various ways, including buying event tickets. However, competing in The Deal is the wisest way in which one can spend their reward.

The mini-rewards game’s jackpot has exceeded $800,000, hence increasing its value. This is its first time to have such a big progressive jackpot.

How Does A Player Compete in The Deal?

The Deal is the company’s mini-game whose progressive jackpot begins from $25,000 and continues growing for a while. PokerStars terms it as an exciting option for a player to convert their StarsCoin to big cash prizes. It has two buy-in choices: 70 StarsCoin and 7 StarsCoin.

70 StarsCoin greatly increases participants’ likelihood of bagging the jackpot. A dealer deals players seven cards facing down. Then, the players are required to pick two cards that they will discard.

They later reveal the other five cards. Generally, high hands offer greater rewards. A player’s hand and buy-in determine their prize size, which can be between 1 and 500 StarsCoin. Yet, cash rewards are within the $10 to $300 range.

A player who hits a Flush in the 70 StarsCoin game receives a $25 cash prize. Anyone who gets a Straight Flush in 70 StarsCoin or a Royal Flush advances to the jackpot round that requires them to try their luck at the huge jackpot by spinning the wheel. Any participant in this round takes home at least $1,000, even if they miss the jackpot.

The Jackpot’s Payout Structure

Each player strives to win the game’s jackpot. If one of them bags it, the winner receives 50 percent of the jackpot, and players who competed in The Deal in the last 12 hours share the remaining 50 percent.

The life-changing jackpot attracts players from different states. Reports indicate that the jackpot increases 32 times more than the initial seed, thus making the game irresistible to high-risk takers.

PokerStars decided to launch The Deal Jackpot Challenge as its jackpot surpassed the $800,000 mark. It will provide players with more chances of getting a share of the prize pool.

Anyone interested in the challenge can access it through the Challenges Window, and it is easy to participate. It has two types of challenges. Challenge 1 entails playing poker to amass a $1 rake.

Once a player fulfills this requirement, they will receive a 7 StarsCoin game ticket. Challenge 2 needs the player to amass a $10 rake to get the 70 StarsCoin game ticket.


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