PokerStars Pays Players in NJ and PA for Rake Overcharge

When playing online poker, players expect to be charged a rake. The rake is a small fee paid to the poker room. At PokerStars, an issue involving rake paid in Pennsylvania and New Jersey has led to the online poker room deciding to pay players back for what they mistakenly paid. The rake error has also been changed so players are not subject to the overcharge anymore.

Configuration Error Charged 10 Cents Extra

The operator was found to have a configuration error in its rake method which saw players from both states charge ten more cents in extra rake at the $0.50/$1.00 stake levels. The mistake was unknown until a player went to the TwoPlusTwo forum and began discussing how he was charged $0.60 when playing heads up and the rake was supposed to be capped at $0.50.

PokerStars is no stranger to the popular online poker forum and quickly stepped in to reply. A representative of the brand responded in the thread that the error had been confirmed and was an issue in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The rake cap was corrected, and the mistake acknowledged.

PokerStars has since reimbursed the players at both sites who were affected by the rake issue. The refunds were for all hands played that dated back to the launch of the site. The error was found to be in existence since the sites launched, so PokerStars went all the way back to ensure the refunds covered what was owed to those affected.

This has happened to PokerStars before, just not in the United States. About six years ago, a rake error was found at the site of the brand and players were affected at the Euro tables. The mistake was eventually found, and players were provided compensation in this instance as well.

Busy Sites

The mistake is revealed at a time when PokerStars just finished up huge events in both states. Throughout the year, both sites have offered premium events due to players being stuck at home as the COVID-19 pandemic remains a health issue.

In Pennsylvania, players were able to take part in Pennsyl-MANIA, the third edition of the event. There was a $200 event with a $500,000 that saw just over 2,300 players competing. While the turnout was decent, it did create an overlay of over $70,000.

In New Jersey, players were able to take part in the New Jersey Classic, an event featuring a $100,000 prize pool. The event saw 653 players taking part, so the prize pool jumped by over $21,000!

It is nice to see PokerStars offering quality online poker events but also righting a wrong. The brand remains a top competitor around the world because they listen to players and make changes to meet player demand and desire. They are not shy about asking players what they wish to see and then delivering it. While the amount of the payback to players in NJ and PA would be based on a ten-cent error, with several years in operation, there is no telling just how much PokerStars ended up paying back to those affected.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett