PokerStars US Collaborates With NextGen Poker To Improve Its Poker Content

PokerStars is among the most famous poker operators in the United States. PokerStars US recently announced its partnership with NextGen Poker, skilled YouTubers, to offer its fans better poker content. The new transformation will begin in November with the NAPT Las Vegas’ coverage.

PokerStars US has made numerous achievements in the recent past. The NAPT’s return is one of its latest moves that many poker diehards didn’t expect.

The operator promised to operate it, alongside several American live poker tournaments in different channels. Its latest marketing strategy engages NextGen Poker’s enthusiastic and talented poker content creators.

PokerStars US will give the YouTubers the freedom to create engaging content for its tournaments throughout the country in the future. It plans to start 2023 NAPT Las Vegas on November 4 and fans are anticipating it to be its first specialized tournament.

More Details About NextGen Poker

NextGen Poker’s key members are Frankie, Rosey and Jack. They are young poker diehards whose curiosity in the game triggered them to venture into the poker industry and caused a huge transformation.

The team uses YouTube and are YouTube Shorts’ specialists. Their poker channel has attracted a huge following despite being new.

NextGen Poker’s Shorts have more than 150 million views. Their thrilling videos attract poker fans from different age groups and keep them glued to their channel.

The young team’s success caught PokerStars’ attention and it approached the youngsters for a gaming deal. They agreed to form exciting content for young gamers who want to start playing instantly and are disinterested in long videos.

Is the New Partnership Promising?

Poker analysts are uncertain on the outcome of PokerStars US’ collaboration with NextGen Poker. The YouTubers haven’t started uploading new content on the channel. They are renowned for making shorts involving poker hands’ clips from various events including tournament poker and cash games.

NextGen Poker will cover a wide array of poker tournaments like NAPT. So, they will join the action to offer viewers their hand breakdowns. Also, they will highlight renowned players’ big hands in various competitions.

The YouTubers created interesting Podcasts and Vlogs before partnering with PokerStars. Thus, there is a high likelihood of them uploading such content on the YouTube channel as they cover PokerStars’ tournaments.

November’s Poker Action

NextGen Poker’s gaming content will go live next month as the YouTubers visit Resorts World to offer live NAPT Las Vegas coverage. It will be PokerStars US’ first time to use this marketing approach. Still, it stated that NextGen Poker wont follow scripts and they are free to run any appropriate coverage.

PokerStars is confident that the new gaming content will give it an edge over its rivals in the country. Research shows that young adults form more than 45 percent of all poker players. Therefore, NextGen Poker’s team will help PokerStars US expand its clientele.


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