Police Seize Guns and Make Arrests as Violence Continues on the Strip

Violence on the Las Vegas Strip seems never-ending. It seems almost every week, there is a new incident involving a shooting or gang violence on the Strip. This past weekend, Las Vegas Metro Police took to the streets, arresting several people and confiscating guns. A total of 10 illegal firearms were taken by police on Friday and Saturday along with almost $30,000 in cash.

Major Arrests

Over the weekend, a staggering 110 arrests were made. Of that number, 38 were felony arrests. During Friday and Saturday on the Strip, police made almost 600 stops, most being pedestrian. The local police department and the Nevada Highway Patrol have come together to work on Operation Persistent Pressure. The goal is to stop the violence in the region.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo is worried that the violence will hurt tourism if it does not stop. His department are devoting as many resources as they can to try and stop the violence. Patrols have increased on Friday and Saturday nights as this is when the majority of the incidents occur.

The Highway Patrol is working on traffic stops while the Metro police officers are focused on the foot traffic. They are the ones who are interacting with the public and trying to see what might be going on in the late night hours.

On Saturday, a man in Las Vegas managed to get an incident on camera. He filmed a group of men and women who were fighting on a pedestrian bridge located near the Planet Hollywood Casino. The fight is the second to take place near the casino and filmed, with one taking place back on October 11.

Casinos Try to Help

As the violence has continued, casinos are trying to do their part. Many casinos have increased security on site and are checking bags as well as running people through scanners before entry. Some have even decided to require guests to have a dining or hotel reservation to enter or be a rewards card holder.

The goal is to allow the actual players and travelers to come inside while keeping those who wish to act up out. Reportedly, a lot of the activity stems from gangs. Captain Dori Koren spoke at a County Commission meeting recently, stating that police are noticing an increase in gang activity in the region which has led to the influx in crime.

Because the nightlife if open, officials have said that they feel a lot of the gang activity is due to people from out of state. In Las Vegas, they have the ability to go out for drinks, go to casinos and enjoy other entertainment. While this is all fine and good, they are bringing their behavior to the region which si resulting in shootings and fights.

Hopefully, the acts of violence will eventually die down. Las Vegas relies on tourism and if people do not feel safe visiting, they will find other places to travel to for entertainment. More drastic measures may need to be taken if the activity does not stop soon.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.