Prepare for Fourth of July Celebration at the Beer Park

The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, will be celebrated in Las Vegas, as Beer Park, which is a part of Paris Las Vegas, prepares a rooftop celebration party. Needless to say, the party will take place on July 4, and there will be a lot of surprises for all the people who decide to drop by.

First of all, one of the best things in Las Vegas that happen during this holiday is amazing fireworks. Once they start, you will want to be in a position to be able to see all the colors in the sky clearly, and Beer Park will offer you just that. In other words, all the visitors to this celebration party will have an opportunity to enjoy an incredible view of the fireworks, which will start at 9 pm. Furthermore, guests will be able to enjoy specialty cocktails, and there will even be a roaming hot dog cart for those who like to snack while they party.

The party will also offer seated packages which you can RSVP online for. These packages actually come as single-seat packages that cost $50, and the online offer also includes include two seats packaged that come at the price of $50. Finally, there are seated packages for four persons and for six persons, and both cost $200. In addition to seats, the package also includes $50 credit for food and drinks per person.

Themed Cocktails

Beer Park will provide two themed cocktails during that day. The first one is dubbed the Freedom Bowl, which will include a fishbowl filled with a cocktail made of Sky Infusions Watermelon Vodka, two Bomb Pop popsicles, watermelon juice, and star straws to honor the holiday. This bowl will be sharable, meaning that two people will be able to drink from it together, using their star straws.

The second themed cocktail is called the Peach Sparkler, and it is made of ginger ale and Crown Royal Peach Whiskey. It will also come with a special star straw. The Freedom Bowl will come at a price of $45, while the Peach Sparkler will cost $13. If you are a cocktail person, you should definitely check out both as you enjoy the Independence Day party and watch the fireworks from one of the best rooftops in Las Vegas.

Why Do We Celebrate the Fourth of July?

Independence Day is a day when the United States officially became an independent country, not being a part of Great Britain. It was decided by the Second Continental Congress, which approved a resolution of independence that the US should not depend on Britain’s rule anymore.

Richard Henry Lee, therefore, proposed the resolution and it changed the course of history forever once it was approved. The main document that followed the resolution is called the Declaration of Independence, and it was created by five of the leading minds back then: Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. The Congress finally approved the declaration on July 4, making it an official date when the US created history, and started its baby steps as an independent country, only to become one of the superpowers that it is today.

Although that happened on July 2 officially, Americans still consider July 4 a nation-wide holiday when many people get a day off and get to spend it with their families. Naturally, some people choose to party, and Las Vegas is a perfect city to do that during the Fourth of July.


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