Relic Seekers — A New Slot Release By Microgaming

Online casino lovers who enjoy playing video slots are usually attracted to topics that involve various artifacts and relics, so there are quite a few slot titles that cover such topics. One of the best online slot providers is called Microgaming, and they recently published a brand new online video slot that offers players a completely new adventure led by three characters who seek relics. If you are lucky enough, you might help them find something valuable on the reels, and they are definitely going to share it with you.

The game called Relic Seekers is one of the most recent releases by Microgaming, as it was released in July. It features a standard set of five reels and a total of 25 paylines.

The game is suitable for both complete beginners and real professionals as you can place bets which are anywhere from 25 cents to $500 per single spin. The game’s theme is adventure, but there are elements of fantasy added to it.

Developed Story

What makes Microgaming stand out from other slot development companies is their devotion to the backstory of their slots. The characters are searching for an ancient relic called Dragon’s Vein, which dates back from the Huangdi era.

All symbols on the reels are made according to the story and include a dog called Tortas, the three adventurers and other cool props. The three adventurers are Professor Morgan, the Free Man, and Nora. They make a great team, and all of them can bring you lucrative prizes if you land enough of their symbols on the reels.

Rolling Reels

One of the main features of the Relic Seekers is called Rolling Reels. Basically, whenever you have a winning combination, the symbols that created it will disappear and make room for additional symbols to appear on the reels, filling the empty spaces. That way, you will be able to create additional combos, which means that you will earn bigger prizes.

If you manage to get two or more consecutive combo wins, you will also trigger an additional special feature called Symbol Turns Wild. The feature will turn all of the three characters into wild symbols. Nora is the first one to turn into wilds after two consecutive wins, Professor Morgan will turn after four, and Free Man after six consecutive combos.

Other Features

One of the best features in the game is the Free Spins feature, which is triggered if you get three, four, or five scatter symbols on the reels. The lowest you can get is 10 free spins, and you can retrigger the feature with additional scatters.

What makes this feature stand out is the additional bonus called Collect Key feature, where you must collect key symbols during the free spins. Three keys will get you an additional two free spins. However, if you collect six keys, you will get extra free spins during which all wins are multiplied by two.

To sum up, Relic Seekers is an excellent slot that will attract all the adventure seekers out there who are looking to experience the thrill of one unusual adventure set in a fantastical world. The game is a standard Microgaming title, which means that there is no room for mistakes — it’s perfect, just like the majority of their titles.

If you enjoy playing adventure-based online video slots, make sure that you try their other similar titles. For example, Microgaming has a license to make Tomb Raider games, and one of the most popular titles in the franchise is called Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs.


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