Republican National Convention Could Come to Las Vegas

The state of Nevada remains largely shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, but casinos are set to reopen throughout the state soon. Las Vegas has not seen many tourists in over two months, but it could once again start hosting major events.

The Republican National Convention is reportedly considering Las Vegas as a host city after being forced to move from Charlotte, NC. The Spectrum Arena in Charlotte was set to host the event, but state leaders cannot guarantee that the state will reopen by then.

The Republican National Convention is set for August 24-27, and the GOP is actively looking to nail down a new location. Las Vegas would normally be considered a great option, but there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered in Nevada as well.

Las Vegas has already lost some major events over the last few months, including the 2020 NFL Draft. The NFL has promised the city that it will get a future draft, but Las Vegas lost out on some much-needed revenue due to the cancellation.

The 2016 Republican National Convention was held in Cleveland, but that location is reportedly not being considered this time around. President Donald Trump expressed his regret that North Carolina will not host this year, but the GOP will find a suitable host.

Las Vegas Governor Steve Sisolak has been cautious when it comes to his reopening plan, and that is particularly the case when it comes to Las Vegas. Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman has urged the governor to reopen the gaming industry in an effort to bring back the economy.

Unemployment rates in Las Vegas have reached an all-time high, but they are set to drop considerably as more casinos start to reopen. Hosting the Republican National Convention could also bring some temporary jobs, and will bring in plenty of added revenue to the state.

Florida Could Play A Role

The state of Florida is also being considered to host the 2020 Republican National Convention, and oddsmakers think it will be held there. Florida is currently listed at most sportsbooks at 2/1 to host the event, making it a clear favorite.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has expressed his desire to host the event, and he was also willing to host the Democratic National Convention. Florida has been hosting live sporting events for close to a month, and other events are already on the schedule.

Florida has been one of the most aggressive states in the country in terms of reopening nonessential businesses. Bars, movie theaters, and other entertainment venues can reopen throughout the state on June 5.

There are three counties in the state that remain mostly closed down, and they would not be considered to host the convention. Those three counties are Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach.

Swing State is a Key

The Republican Party wants to host the convention in a swing state, and Nevada fits that requirement. North Carolina was considered one of the most important swing states, but Nevada was a close second initially.

Nevada has had an interesting history when it comes to presidential voting, and the Republican Party is hoping to reclaim the state. Voters in Nevada chose Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential election.

Election betting insiders predict that Joe Biden of the Democrat Party will win the state in 2020, and that could play into this decision. The Republican Party could choose a different swing state with a better chance to win, or try to steal the state by hosting the event in Las Vegas.

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