Resorts World Las Vegas Expects 75% Of Revenue To Come From Non-Gaming Services

Las Vegas has become what it is today — the Entertainment Capital of the World — due to some of the casinos that earned a lot of money by offering gaming to people who visited the Sin City. Nowadays, this city is a synonym for gambling.

Going to Las Vegas and not dropping by a casino to test your luck is like going to the seaside and not visiting the beach. It’s something that all people do!

However, many casino operators started to understand that there’s more room for improvement, making great accommodation, offering dining options, creating concert venues, and more. In other words, the total amount of money earned in Las Vegas is not made up of gaming revenue — there are so many factors that create revenue, in fact.

Resorts World Las Vegas is a brand new property that is currently being built in Las Vegas, and it is going to be the most expensive hotel-casino ever. However, it seems that the majority of its revenue will not come from the casino.

According to the president of the resort, Scott Sibella, a total of 75 percent of the revenue would not be generated by gaming at all but by other non-gaming sources.

Sibella gave an interview recently, where he elaborated on why he believes that the major part of the revenue will not be generated by gaming. Essentially, he stated that they were adopting a new approach and accommodating to everyone who would decide to visit the property, concluding that the way of thinking was “different than it was years ago.”

Major Property

Resorts World Las Vegas’ cost of the building was projected to $4 billion, but the final price tag that was given was $4.3 billion. The property is aimed at becoming the main building made by the Genting Group, which wants it to be a mega-resort, offering modern and luxurious accommodation and state-of-the-art gaming options. The resort is built on 88 acres of land that was the former location of the Stardust.

Once completed, Resorts World Las Vegas will have a total of 3,500 hotel rooms. Moreover, there will be numerous different amenities, including a huge pool complex on 220,000 square feet, and a meeting and banquet space that will be located on 350,000 square feet.

Many industry enthusiasts believe that it would be one of the most spectacular properties ever built in Las Vegas.

There were many pieces of news coming from Sibella himself, and it seems that some of them were false, or deliberately deceiving. His goal was probably to increase the interest in the construction of the new resort with his statements.

For example, one of the main false news items was that the new resort would be Asian-themed, which later proved not to be true at all. However, Sibella stated that the culture served as inspiration when it comes to “the design inside, art, the color pallets and floors.”

At the moment, Genting Group aims to use two-thirds of the entire 88-acre space for the complex, whereas the remainder would be used for some “future developments” that are planned by the operator.

When it comes to the casino, it will be located on 110,000 square feet and will come equipped with a wide variety of casino games, including slots, table games, high-limit areas, private salons, dedicated poker rooms, and more.

Moreover, there will be an entertainment zone that will also include a racebook and a sportsbook, as well as live entertainment. One thing is certain — everything is set for Resorts World Las Vegas to be the next biggest thing in the city.


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