Resorts World Las Vegas Launch Date Delayed

Although the Genting Group has been pretty focused on completing its massive project in Las Vegas called Resorts World Las Vegas, it has stumbled upon some unforeseen things that made it change its plans and delay the date for the final opening of the property in the Entertainment Capital in the World.

The original date for opening this quite expensive project was 2021. However, the Genting Group made an announcement, stating that the date needs to be pushed back a couple of months. Moreover, the company’s officials stated that they would see to make additional investment in the project to see it “come to life” as soon as possible.

The venue, which will be inspired by Asian culture, is going to cost approximately $4.3 billion, which is a bit more than the original price that had been predicted for the Resorts World Las Vegas of $4 billion. Naturally, the project is huge, and nobody actually expected the price to be constant during the construction process.

In other words, some flexibility has been given to the Genting Group, and it was expected that they would invest extra money in order to see their project completed.

Six-Month Extension

According to a press release at PR Newswire, the project would be extended for six additional months. Once it is completed, the Resorts World Las Vegas will offer numerous luxurious suites, as well as villas and penthouses in a hotel. Moreover, there will be two towers that would offer a total of 3,500 guest rooms, and a 27,000 square-foot spa. The property will also include 350,000 square feet of meeting space.

Naturally, one of the inevitable parts of a Vegas venue is a casino, which will be on the top floor, and is already dubbed “sky casino.” The number of slots and other games that will be available in the casino is not available at the moment, but many agree that the casino floor is definitely going to be huge, just like everything else that will be part of this property.

Speaking of huge things, Genting definitely plans to break some Guinness World Records with the property it’s building. One of them is going to be the biggest led screen in the world, which will be on 100,000 square feet and located on their West Tower. There will be a led screen on the east tower as well, but it will be “only” 19,000 square feet.

Finally, the property will also include a special theater with 5,000-seat capacity, which could be easily converted into a venue for other uses. In addition to that, there will be a 50-foot-high video globe that will display approximately 6000 square feet of LED content.

The person named to be the main leader of the big Genting project is Scott Sibella, the former executive of MGM. Sibella stated that the team was working very diligently in order to “perfect the vision for RWLV.”

Moreover, he added that they had been very excited to start sharing the concept they had had in their minds for a long time with all the people who are in Las Vegas. He added that once completed, the project would offer “cutting-edge amenities and captivating experiences.”

It goes without saying that a property this big is going to have a lot to offer in terms of food and drinks, as there will be a plentitude of restaurants for all visitors. It will offer a unique experience for everyone with a wide selection of amenities, as well as the magnificent design full of splendor.


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