RetourAuLobby Beats Parssinen in the Recent Super MILLION$

Eelis Parssinen's dream to win the latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ died after losing a heads-up battle to "RetourAuLobby." The $10,300 buy-in high roller event attracted 161 entrants.

The Final Table's Results

  1. RetourAuLobby from Mexico – $327,250
  2. Eelis Parssinen from Finland – $256,591
  3. David Miscikowski from Mexico – $201,189
  4. Thomas Muehloecker from Austria – $157,749
  5. Artur Martirosian from Mexico – $123,688
  6. Mr_Jiben from Austria – $96,982
  7. Rodrigo Selouan from Brazil – $76,042
  8. David Peters from Canada – $59,623
  9. Stephen Chidwick from Canada – $46,750

Action at the Final Table

Stephen Chidwick has the shortest stack comprising 23 big blinds when the action began at the final table. Yet, he was the first finalist to get busted after losing to RetourAuLobby.

Artur Martirosian made an 88,000 min-raise from the cutoff, and Chidwick moved in an 831,112 three-bet from the button. Yet, RetourAuLobby went all-in in a 1,244,654 four-bet.

Martirosian put his pocket eights while Chidwick's queen-ten-faced RetourAuLobby's pocket queens. Chidwick got some hope from a ten on the flop. Unfortunately, the river and turn didn't help him.

David Peters followed Chidwick in eighth place half an hour after using pocket eights in late position to open to 110,000 with 25,000/50,000/6,000 blinds. Thomas Muehloecker used pocket kings to increase his stack to 995,500 from the big blind.

Peters deliberated his next move for a while and call off his remaining 741,198 chips. Muehloecker's kings beat Peter's snowmen and sent him packing.

Rodrigo Selouan's stack was reduced to about 15 big blinds after using ace-queen in the cutoff to make a 140,000 min-raise. The small blind and button got out of his way, and RetourAuLobby's pocket threes didn't improve his position.

RetourAuLobby set Selouan all-in after placing a three-bet. The latter called and exited the event in seventh place after the pocket threes improved an unnecessary set at the river.

"Mr_Jiben" left the table in sixth place and got the tournament's last five-figure prize after losing a battle of blinds to Martirosian. Other players folded to the latter, and he used suited ten-seven to open-shove.

Mr_Jiben used pocket fours to call off 9.5 big blinds and put Martirosian in dire need of a seven on the river to get the hand.

Martirosian had the second largest stack after the hand and was a top contender for the Super MILLION$ title. Yet, the odds turned against him as he got busted in fifth place. He used ace-six of diamonds from a small blind to three-bet 23 big blinds all-in after a one-million chip pot loss as Parssinen opened in the cutoff.

The latter had an ace-queen of clubs and put Martirosian at risk of leaving the event after calling him. A jack-high board sent Martirosian packing.

Muehloecker followed him in the fourth position after Parssinen beat him in a coin flip. The latter used pocket deuces to jam all-in from the small blind, and the former used ace-queen to call off 12 big blinds.

Muehloecker left the table after the deuces held, and Parssinen collected more chips.

Miscikowski finished third after using six-five to limp from a small blind while Parssinen used king-ten to check his option. The latter called, and the former got a 200,000 lead after a four-queen-seven flop with two diamonds. Miscikowski overbet 956,250 despite an offsuit king appearing on the turn and Parssinen called.

Ten of diamonds appeared on the river, and Miscikowski missed the draw and opted to move all-in for a huge bey. But, Parssinen used a top pair to snap his opponent.

Parssinen got an 8,389,312:7,710,688 chip lead over RetourAuLobby early in their heads-up match. But he drastically lost the lead and limped with queen-six in the final hand as RetourAuLobby used eight-four to check. The latter used a pair of four to call and won the title, as Parssinen took home $256,591.


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