RetourAuLobby Wins $302,053 and His Second Super MILLION$ Title at GGPoker

GGPoker's latest Super MILLION crowned RetourAuLobby as its champion after less than three hours of intense action. The Mexican poker player returned to the lobby and won the $302,053 top prize. Yet, he won the $10,300 Super MILLION$ in November hence being the 22nd GGPoker player to win the title.

RetourAuLobby settled at the final table being fourth in the chip standings with 33 big blinds. Sergi Reixach was the stack leader with 142 big blinds.

The Final Table's Results

  1. RetourAuLobby from Mexico – $302,053
  2. BananenBencb789 from Austria – $235,891
  3. Sergi Reixach from Mexico – $184,221
  4. Barak Wisbrod from Israel – $143,869
  5. XavierXu from China – $112,355
  6. Zombie Chow from Montenegro – $87,745
  7. Pedro Garagnani from Brazil – $68,525
  8. Anatoly Filatov from Estonia – $53,515
  9. Nikita Kuznetsov from Montenegro – $41,793

Action at the Table

It took about 40 minutes since the final table's action kicked off for the first player to get busted. Nikita Kuznetsov made a 320,873 open-shove using ace-king of hearts when blinds were at level 20,000/40,000/5,000a. XavierXu used pocket eights to make a big blind call.

The coinflip favored XavierXu as Kuznetsov got an ace on an all-diamond flop. But, a fourth diamond on the river gave XavierXu an unexpected flush and busted Kuznetsov in ninth place.

Anatoly Filatov, a two-time Super MILLION$ winner, followed Kuznetsov in eighth place. He used king-ten to look down under the gun and opted to commit his remaining five big blinds. But, XavierXu used ace-queen to wake up and three-bet.

It was a wise move since each player folded and an ace on the flop earned XavierXu a pot. Pedro Garagnani's run ended in seventh place one hour after the action began.

Barak Wisbrod used ace-deuce of hearts to make a 120,000 min-raise from an early position and later called Garagnani's 373,707 three-bet shove he made using ace-ten of clubs. Garagnani lagged on the river despite having a top and preflop and Wisbrod got a wheel straight.

Zombie Chow finished sixth and got the tournament's last five-figure score. Action folded to him on the button and he decided to use pocket jacks to open to 150,000. Wisbrod's three-bet to set his rival all-in using ace-ten of spade.

Chow called off 775,180 chips. The river gave Chow a set of jacks and Wisbrod a flush that dealt Chow a headshot. XavierXu exited the tournament in fifth place thus letting Mustapha Kanit down since he had predicted that they would win the trophy.

Reixach used a five-trey to min-raise from the button when blinds were at 40,000/80,000/10,000a level. XavierXu used ace-nine to make a small blind flat-call and BananenBencb789 used pocket aces to wager 400,000 from the blind. Still, Reixach hesitated to move out of the way. Before XavierXu made a 1,010,523 jam.

BananenBencb called immediately as XavierXu paired a mine. Wisbrod used ace-queen to make a 240,000 min-raise from under the gun while action folded to RetourAuLobby in a big blind. The latter used ace-king to push all-in and Wisbrod called off 1,548,716 chips.

Wisbrod left the table in fourth place. Reixach finished third despite being the stack leader earlier in the day. He faced RetourAuLobby's 392,000 raise when blinds were at 70,000/140,000/17,500a.

RetourAuLobby used the dominating ace-jack of diamonds to call a 2,383,920 shove. Both players didn't improve. RetourAuLobby had a 10,364,988:3,535,012 chip advantage over BananenBencb789 when heads-up action between them began.

The latter's hope to win the title ended at 100,000/200,000/25,000a level when the former limped in. BananenBencb789 made a 3,015,432 shove and RetourAuLobby snap-called.

The former's king-four offsuit lost to the latter's pocket aces. Even so, he took home $235,891.


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