Ricardo Nagamoto Is the New PokerStars Sunday Million Champion

Ricardo "RFN1986" Nagamoto won the recent Sunday Million 17th Anniversary at PokerStars. The event attracted 39,500 entrants who formed a $7,900,000 prize pool. But, the leading 5,927 players won at least $373 each, and the final table qualifiers won more than $70,000.

He used ace-king to put his stack in the middle, but Nagamoto's pocket nines beat him in a vital coinflip. "DefBeat976" left the tournament in tenth position, and the remaining players set the final table.

What Were the Final Table's Prizes?

  1. Ricardo "RFN1986" -$1,000,000
  2. rofcopter88 -$723,474
  3. PAX176 -$519,001
  4. songoks -$372,317
  5. Vlad "dariepoker" Darie -$267,090
  6. atredezini -$191,603
  7. Paulo "paulinhoo00" Brombin -$137,450
  8. Sufferring102 f-$98,603
  9. Manuel "young_diam18" Blaschke -$70,734

What Transpired at the Table?

Manuel "young diam18" Blaschke got busted first at the final table, an hour after its action began and at the 1,750,000/3,500,000/450,000a level.

Vlad Darie made an under-the-gun min-raise and called Blaschke's 58,227,684 three-bet shove on the button. The former turned pocket queens, and the latter turned king-ten. An ace-high board sent Blaschke packing.

Suferring102 followed Blaschke in the eighth position after using ace-five of clubs to make a 25,372,418 open-shove from the middle position when blinds were at the 2,000,000/4,000,000/500,000a level. Darie used pocket tens to flat call and songoks used ace-queen to make a 68,010,413 all-in move from the small blind.

songoks' full house beat Darie and won a pot after he paired queens on the flop and landed aces on the river and turn, thus sending Suferring102 home.

Paulo Brombin exited the tournament in seventh place after using pocket kings to make a 27,288,448 shove that Nagamoto called after using ace-ten to make an 8,000,000 min-raise. An ace on the flop sent Brombin packing.

atredezini followed Brombin in sixth place when they got pocket aces and decided to double up. The former used pocket aces to make a 12,000,000 under the gun min-raise, and PAX176 used pocket threes to call the big blind.

The flop revealed seven-four-five with two spades that prompted PAX176 to check and call atredezini's 49,546,626 shove. The former got a straight from a six of spades, and the latter had an ace of spades for a flush redraw. atredezini lacked help from the river and left the table.

roftcopter88 killed Darie's dream of winning the title. The latter's ace-queen lost a pot to songoks' nine-eight suited. Darie's run ended in fifth place.

roflcopter88 had over 575,000,000 chips, and the second player in the chip standings had an 88,000,000, stack. songoks used king-five to make a 42,627,599 open-shove, and roflcopter88 used queen-seven to call. A queen on the river eliminated songoks in fourth place.

PAX176 finished third and set up heads-up action between Nagamoto and roflcopter88. But, Nagamoto beat roflcopter88 and ended his run in second place with $723,474.


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