Rick Salomon Dominates High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 8

PokerGO hosted the High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 8 on Monday. Andrew Robl was the stack leader, but Rick Salomon’s aggressive play helped him win crucial hands. The table comprised talented players like Rob Yong, Jennifer Tilly, William Tjokro, and Stanley Tang.

The Episode’s Stack Sizes

  1. Andrew Robl-$701,500
  2. Rob Yong-$461,200
  3. Bob Bright-$334,100
  4. Rick Salomon-$301,100
  5. Stanley Tang-$162,000
  6. William Tjokro-$134,300
  7. Jennifer Tilly-$104,500
  8. Willam Tjokro Exits Early

Tjokro was among the most active finalists who won a few pots. Tang used 10♠10♥ to make a $1,100 raise prompting Tjokro to make a $4,000 three-bet with 5♥5♣.

Tilly held A♦5♠ and Tang called before revealing a 3♠10♣7♦ flop. Tjokro used small pair to wager $6,000 that missed the hand’s top set as Tilly folded. 9♠ landed on the turn and the A♠ landed on the river as Tang sought a potential flush.

Tang re-checked and Tjokro placed a $16,000 wager. The former made a $51,000 check-raise that ended the hand.

Tang and Tilly Clash for a Huge Pot

Tang returned to action after using A♥K♥ to make a $2,000 raise. Tjokro didn’t give up as they used 7♥6♥ to place a $7,000 three-bet.

Salomon used 4♠3♠ to make a button call and Tilly used A♠A♣ to place a $25,200 four-bet on the small blind. The latter had $110,000 early in the hand and decided to go all-in as Tang called $35,000.

Other players ran twice as the board turned J♣Q♣2♦K♦5♠. Another board revealed 9♦K♣10♦Q♥5♣ and earned Tilly a $236,300 pot.

Tang used K♦Q♦ to go all-in with $70,900 as Robl used J♦2♦ to place a $30,000 three-bet. The latter called and won the pot.

Salomon’s Dominance

Salomon is a tough opponent to face on the felt as he doesn’t fear making huge bluffs. Bright clashed with Pamela Anderson in a tricky moment.

Tjokro used 10♠10♥ to make a $6,200 raise and kicked off the hand as Bright called with Q♠Q♦. Salomon used J♣10♣ to make a $6,200 raise in a late position. A flop turned A♣Q♥3♣ after three players flopped.

Salomon and Bright clashed in the hand each getting the board’s favor. The former wagered $10,500 on the combo draw and the latter called. K♦ landed on the turn, hence completing the straight.

Even so, Bright had a $30,000 lead when Salomon made a $150,000 check-raise. Many spectators eagerly watched to see if a set of queens would fold as one card remained.

Bright made the day’s fold against Salomon. The latter flopped a set of aces several minutes later, against the former’s set of deuces. Bright folded a huge raise on the river before Salomon won the $144,000 pot.

The former used J♦J♣ to face the latter’s A♣J♠ when a 10♠10♥J♥ flop occurred. The full house dominated as Bright won a $115,000 pot. PokerGO will host High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 9 on October 16 at 5 p.m. PT.


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