Rob Yong Beats Farah Galfond at High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 9

PokerGO held the High Stakes Poker Season 11’s Episode 9 on Monday. It featured skilled players like Rob Yong, Jason Koon, Stanley Tang, Farah Galfond, Matt Berkey, and Jennifer Tilly. Yong eliminated Galfond on the last level to win the episode.

Tilly’s First Draw

Berkey used Q♦10♣ to made a $1,000 under the gun open in the episode’s first hand. Yet, Tilly used A♣2♣ to defend her big blind. She got a vital $1,100 lead and flush draw from a J♥J♣K♣ flop prompting Berkey to call with an open-ended straight draw.

The 8♥ turn bricked and Tilly placed a $2,000 bet while Berkey called. The former got a flush from the 5♣ river.

Koon had a $800 straddle when Galfond used A♣Q♥ to make a $3,500 raise. Yong used A♥8♥ to go all-in with $15,000. However, action folded to Galfond as she revealed a K♥9♥10♣ after calling.

The player checked a gutshot before calling and Yong used a nut heart flush draw to wager $15,000. The 8♠ river bricked Galfond prompting her to check Yong’s eight.

The latter got a flush from the 6♥ river. Galfond made a $71,100 all-in move as Yong called fast and won a $204,100 pot.

The Two Large Pocket Pairs

Yong used A♦7♦ to make a $1,000 raise and Tang used 4♠4♥ to call. Tilly used K♦K♥ to make a $4,000 three-bet from the button and Berkey used 10♠10♥ to make a $10,000 four-bet from the small blind.

Tang and Yong folded while Tilly placed a $30,000 five-bet. Berkey made a $20,000 call and revealed a 8♠J♥4♣ flop. He checked and Tilly wagered $40,000.

Berkey folded a hand face-up and Tilly commended his move. The former used A♠A♥ to make a $2,000 button raise and Galfond used A♣6♣ to make a big blind call.

Yong held 7♦6♥ and he revealed an 8♣4♦9♦ flop. Berkey made a $2,500 continuation bet after two checks as Galfold folded. Still, Yong made a $12,000 check-raise using a straight draw.

His move prompted Berkey to call first as the dealer turned 5♥ earning Yong a straight. The latter wagered $35,000 and snap-called as the former made a $82,500 jam.

Putra used K♥K♣ to make a middle position $1,200 raise and Tilly used A♦8♥ to call before revealing the 7♦8♣3♦ flop. Galfond used 10♠6♠ to make a $1,100 cutoff raise and Yong used Q♣8♣ to make a $3,200 three-bet from the button.

Galfond checked the flush draw and pair while Yong used a flopped straight to wager $4,000. The former made a $16,000 check-raise and the latter went all-in. Galfond had a 39 percent likelihood of bagging a $162,700 pot after calling off $61,600.

Yet, 4♣ landed on the river and ended her run. PokerGO will broadcast High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 10 on October 23 at 5 p.m.


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