Roman Hrabec Wins $341,478 in GGPoker Super MILLION$

Roman Hrabec and Mike Watson were the remaining two finalists battling for the GGPoker Super MILLION$. Watson had a huge chip lead in Match in the Super MILLION$ final table, but he lost the title to Artur Martirosian. Yet, the player had the largest stack when he advanced to the November 29 Super MILLION$ final table, but he lost to Hrabec.

The Final Table's Results

  1. Roman Hrabec from Austria – $341,478
  2. Mike Watson from Canada – $267,747
  3. joyeux from Mexico – $209,936
  4. GoProWarrior from Canada – $164,608
  5. brino from Israel – $129,066
  6. Jans Arends from Austria – $101,199
  7. Johannes "Hazes" Strayer from Austria – $79,348
  8. Nikita Kuznetsov from Montenegro – $62,215
  9. Andrii Novak from Ukraine – $48,782

Action at the Final Table

The action kicked off fast at the table as the first player got busted in less than 10 minutes. GoProWarrior made an 88,000 early position opening in the 20,000/40,000/5,000a level. Andrii Novak folded on the button, and he called.

GoProWarrior continued for 84,300 in an ace-eight flop, and Novak called. The former made it 359,680 on the turn that was three of diamonds, and put two diamonds out. Novak made an 897,340 all-in raise, and GoProWarrior called.

The former showed an ace-queen that was before the latter's ace-jack. But, a jack on the river changed the hand and busted Novak in ninth place.

Nikita Kuznetsov followed Novak in the eighth position in the 25,000/50,000/6,000a level. brino folded the action on the table and made a 754,052 open-shove.

Kuznetsov made a 20-second tank before making a 243,434 all-in call from the small blind. He got pocket fours, and brino got a pair of tens. Yet, a jack-high board ended Kuznetsov's run in eighth place.

Johannes "Hazes" Strayer finished seventh after Watson made an under-the-gun 120,000 min-raise and called his 1,231,652 three-bet shove from the small blind. Strayer flipped ace-four of hearts, and Watson got pocket nines.

The latter flopped a full house and increased his stack lead. Jans Arends got the tournament's first six-figure prize after finishing sixth. Watson busted him while battling for the blinds.

He made a huge raise that prompted Arends to put his remaining ten big blinds all-in and use ace-deuce to call them off before facing queen-eight. His run ended after an eight appeared on the river.

brino exited the tournament in fifth place in the 60,000/120,000/15,000a level. He paid a small blind, and his stack was reduced to 793,514 chips before using pocket fours to move all in.

Watson used king-jack to call from the big blind before flopping a jack. GoProWarrior followed brino in fourth place in the 80,000/160,000/20,000a level. The former put his 2,075,916 stack from the button, and Watson called fast.

GoProWarrior turned king-nine but Watson's king-queen crashed it. The latter flopped two pair and sent the former packing, hence collecting an extra 10.9 million chips.

A heads-up battle kicked off after GoProWarrior's elimination. Watson made a 320,000 min-raise on the button and snap-called after Joyeux made a 2,596,302 three-bet all in from the small blind. The latter put a pair of threes in the hole while the former held pocket kings.

His cowboys held and gave him a 3:1 chip lead over Hrabec. The latter's ten-trey gradually improved to a wheel straight, and Watson paired his ace-king's ace.

Hrabec regained the stack lead after Watson had a 200,000-limp in. The former made a 700,000 raise and the latter called.

Watson made a 1,156,250 raise, and Hrabec went all-in for 4,075,300. The former got in trouble after calling with ace-five as he faced the latter's queens.

Hrabec limped and called Watson's 700,000 raise in the final hand. But, a six-jack-three flop prompted Watson to check-call a 462,250 wager. Hrabec's king-jack obliterated Watson's nine-six and sent him packing with $267,747 as a runner-up.


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