Sam Darnold News: Odds Point To Him Starting for the Jets in Week 1

Back in February, it looked like the Indianapolis Colts were primed to make Sam Darnold their starting quarterback. However, they traded for Carson Wentz instead and now Darnold remains on the New York Jets. But for how long? After all, the Jets did say that they’re open to trading Darnold.

The Jets have the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. They could use it to target a new potential franchise quarterback, such as Zach Wilson or Justin Fields. At the same time, Bovada is leaning towards Darnold staying with the Jets at +105.

In 12 games for the Jets last season, Sam Darnold had a career-low 2,208 yards and nine touchdowns. He also threw 11 interceptions. While those numbers are disappointing, it’s important to remember that Darnold’s only 23 years old. He could easily improve under new the Jets’ new head coach Robert Saleh. The team could choose to keep Darnold and play him until a rookie quarterback is ready. Or they could go all-in on him and trade the No. 2 pick to fill another positional need.

Where Will Sam Darnold Play For Game 1 Of The 2021 Regular Season?

Odds via Bovada as of Thursday, March 11

  • New York Jets +105
  • San Francisco 49ers +450
  • Chicago Bears +450
  • Washington Football Team +450
  • Houston Texans +550
  • Denver Broncos +700
  • Carolina Panthers +1000

Sam Darnold Odds: Three-Way Tie for Second-Place

The San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears and Washington Football Team are in a three-way tie for second-best odds to land Sam Darnold. Each team sits at +450 on Bovada.

Sportsbooks have had the 49ers as a potential landing spot for a lot of big-name quarterbacks this offseason. That includes everyone from the likes of Aaron Rodgers to Deshaun Watson. This spawns from the general belief among insiders that the 49ers are ready to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. Acquiring Darnold would allow San Francisco to have a clean slate to try and help him reach his potential.

The Bears could also be a potential landing spot for Darnold. They haven’t been able to succeed with Mitchell Trubisky at quarterback. Meanwhile, Nick Foles did not play like he did when he won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sam Darnold could also find himself playing for the Washington Football Team. Fox Sports reporter Colin Cowherd said that Darnold would make a good fit in Washington.

One of those reasons is that the WFT is a defensively-sound team, which would take the pressure of Darnold. With the Jets, Darnold had to take it on himself to try and win every game. In Washington, that wouldn’t be the case because he’d have a surrounding group that he could trust.

Could Darnold Replace Deshaun Watson in Houston?

When it was revealed that Deshaun Watson wanted out of Houston, the Jets were listed as one of his potential landing spots. Jets head coach Robert Saleh is someone that Watson wanted to see coach the Texans. Plus, the Jets have the cap space to be able to afford Watson.

Perhaps that dream could come true in a potential Jets-Texans deal that would include Watson and Sam Darnold. The Jets would get a superstar quarterback that would help them be competitive in the AFC East. Meanwhile, The Texans would get Darnold, someone they could potentially center their rebuild around.

At+550, it's not an outlandish possibility for us to see Darnold as a Houston Texan.

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