Scholomance Is the New 888poker XL Spring Series $200,000 Mystery Bounty Champion

"Scholomance" beat their opponents in the latest 888poker XL Spring Series tournament. The $200,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty tournament featured 971 entrants, including 123 rebuys, each of them striving to get the largest share of the pool.

Even so, Scholomance got the stack lead on Day 1 as the field reduced to the last nine. By then, "NoGanoUnFlip" had bagged a golden envelope with a $20,000 prize, the biggest mystery bounty in the poker event. But, they didn't advance to the final table.

The Leading Chip Counts at That Moment

  1. Scholomance from Montenegro – $755 bounties and 2,676,602 chips or 45 big blinds
  2. Fishermanl95 from Romania – $940 bounties and 2,211,290 chips or 37 big blinds
  3. tehnats – $6,955 bounties and 1,991,053 chips or 33 big blinds
  4. nuncanemvi from Brazil – $1,340 bounties and 1,892,948 chips or 32 big blinds
  5. Sim0Nk from Lithuania – $2,266 bounties and 1,684,552 chips or 28 big blinds
  6. Jpgomides123 from Brazil – $970 and 1,642,328 chips or 27 big blinds
  7. Weezyspecs91 from the United Kingdom – $940 bounties and 1,121,111 chips or 19 big blinds
  8. Diguiry from Brazil – $755 bounties and 870,116 chips or 15 big blinds

The Final Table's Highlight

The eight finalists battled it out for 15 minutes before the first elimination at the table occurred. Diguiry had the shortest stack when they sat but couldn't extend their run. They had a few big blinds when they used king-jack of hearts to make an all-in move from the cutoff prompting Scholomance to use pocket nines and look up from the small blind.

Sim0nk finished fifth after losing a coin flip. They used king-queen to put their remaining 12 big blinds into the middle but lost to jpgomides123's pocket eights.

tehnats exited the tournament in the third position after Weezyspecs91's aces beat their pocket jacks, collecting their remaining chips.

Fishermanl95 was the short stack at the moment and they used ace-ten of spades to put their chips into the middle.

Even so, nuncanemvi used pocket aces to call. Aces dominated and put Fishermanl95 in a tricky position.

nuncanemvi got busted next despite winning many chips. They used king-queen to make a 12 big blinds open-shove and Scholomance used a pair of kings to call instantly. Yet, the five community cards dominated and sent nuncanemvi packing.

jpgomides123 used jack-three of clubs to call off three big blinds when Scholomance used ace-seven of hearts to make an all-in move from the small blind. Scholomance opted to pair the river with the ace instead of using ace-high to claim the pot and sent jpgomides123.

Their exit set up a clash between Scholomance and Weezyspecs91. The former had a significant chip advantage over their rival who didn't reduce the gap.

Scholomance used pocket sevens to limp before calling and Weezyspecs used queen-ten to make a 12 big blind shove. The sevens dominated and eliminated the latter with over $900.


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