Scott Abrams Takes Home $179,200 After Winning the PGT Mixed Game Dealer’s Choice Event

ARIA Resort & Casino's PokerGO Studio hosted the Mixed Game Dealer's Choice event on February 9 and 10. It had 20 games for bettors to select.

Scott Abrams entered the 2023 PokerGO Tour (PGT) Mixed Games having won money in 39 live poker tournaments. But, he won most of them at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

The poker pro finished among the top five players in eight live events, in which he finished third once and second thrice. More than 11 years have passed since he recorded his maiden live tournament cash. He defeated 55 players to win the trophy and the $179,200 top prize.

Abrams informed PokerGO journalists after the tournament that he didn't expect to win the title soon. He was elated and reports state he has over $1.3 million in live poker tournament earnings. Still, he garnered 179 PGT points that improved his position in the Player of the Series points race to seventh place.

What the Final Players Won

  1. Scott Abrams-$179,200;300 POY points and 179 PGT points
  2. Ben Lamb-$117,600;250 POY points and 118 PGT points
  3. Daniel Negreanu-$78,400; 200 POY points and 78 PGT points
  4. Nick Schulman-$56,000;150 POY points and 56 PGT points
  5. John Monnette-$44,800;125 POY points and 45 PGT points
  6. Daniel Zack-$33,600;100 POY points and 34 PGT points
  7. Bryce Yockey-$28,000;75 POY points and 28 PGT points

How Things Unfolded on the Final Day

Johannes Becker (WSOP bracelet champion) left the event in eighth place with $22,400. Bryce Yockey followed him in seventh place after Daniel Negranu's 8-7-6-4-3 beat his one-card nine low draw in a no-limit deuce-to-seven single draw lowball hand.

Yockey drew dead before leaving the table. Abrams defeated Dan Zack after moving all-in and sent him packing in sixth place. It was Zack's fourth money prize in the series and has $179,700 in total earnings.

Abrams got lucky in stud eight-or-better when he won a big three-way pot. He used aces up to get an 8-7-6-2-A low and high.

John Monnette got a low draw and pair as Nick Schulman held kings up. The former exited the tournament in fifth place and the latter followed him in fourth place with $56,000.

Negreanu's run ended in the third position. He patted with Abrams on the event's final draw in a hand of triple draw deuce-to-seven lowball. Negreanu mucked as Abrams revealed 8-7-4-3-2.

The former got $78,400 and increased his poker career earnings to about $49.5 million. Abrams had a small stack advantage over Ben Lamp when their heads-up action started. They ended Day 1 after bagging and tagging.

Lamb picked pot-Omaha and Abrams got an over 3:1 stack lead in one instance. The latter increased his stack lead.

Abrams used 9Spade Suit8Diamond Suit6Club Suit5Heart Suit2Spade Suit for an 8-6 badugi and a 9-8 low. Lamb held 7Club Suit3Club Suit2Heart Suit on the last draw. He later chose 3Spade Suit and 4Heart Suit to get a three-card 7 badugi and a pair.

Lamb finished second with $117,600. He paused his heads-up battle with Maxx Coleman for the big-bet mix title.


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