Sebastien Aube Wins $499,636 in Event No. 78:$2,500 No-Limit Hold’em

Sebastien Aube won $499,636 and a World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelet after battling out with 1,363 entrants in Event No. 78:$2,500 No-Limit Hold'em for three days. He was among the top five in the chip standings early on Day 3, lost some chips, and recollected them later in the day.

The player had a huge stack lead when he advanced to the final table. Other skilled players who participated in the tournament included James Gilbert, Kenny Hallaert, David Miscikowski, Brian Keith Etheridge, Ran Koller, and Matt Berkey.

The Final Table' Results

  1. Sebastien Aube from Canada – $499,636
  2. Jilien Loire from France – $308,817
  3. Brian Keith Etheridge from the U.S. – $222,762
  4. Axel Hallay from France – $162,627
  5. Leandro Vlastaris from the U.S. – $120,177
  6. Santiago Plante from Canada – $89,905
  7. Matt Berkey from the U.S. – $68,102
  8. Ran Koller from Israel – $52,240
  9. Jonathan Zarin from the U.S. – $40,588

Action on the Final Day

David Miscikowski was the stack leader at the end of Day 2. But, six players got eliminated in the first two levels and 16 more played for several hours, and Kenny Hallaert git busted in 16th place.

Miscikowski left the event in the 13th position, and an unofficial final table of 10 players was sent in less than an hour. Brien Lee exited the tournament after Aube's king-high straight beat his queen-high straight.

Jonathan Zarin was busted next after Brian Keith Etheridge got a straight from an unlucky river that beat his ace-king.

Aube Busts Matt Berkey

Ran Koller followed Zarin after Berkey's runner-runner two pair took him out. Aube eliminated Berkey after the dinner break using an ace-ten.

Santiago Plante had a few chips on most of the final day. Even so, he finished sixth after facing pocket nines and lacking help from the deck.

Leandro Vlastaris finished fifth after having high and low moments since morning. Aube busted him using pocket jacks.

Axel Hallay faced Aube and lost his stack to him. He finished fourth and took home $162,627. Julien Loire hit Etheridge in a broadway after he went all in and busted him in third place.

Both Loire and Aube got a seven from the river on the final hand. Aube went all in as Loire called and presented his straight. The former flipped nines full of sevens that helped him with the tournament and hand.

Aube's Reaction After Winning

Aube was his first WSOP bracelet in this event. Also, it was the second cash he has made in his professional poker career, as his first cash was $2,815. He stated after the tournament that he played recreational poker in his 20s and met Daniel Negreanu after he set up a business during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The champion revealed that he has always liked Negreanu, and he was excited to interact with him. But, the cards didn't fall as he expected in the Main Event, but they didn't demotivate him to continue chasing the bracelet.

Aube has a girlfriend and 11-month-old child in Montreal, Canada, who got instant updates about his progress on the final day. He was eager to go back home to celebrate with his family and friends.


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