Senator Jessica Ramos Steve Cohen’s Plan to Redevelop the Land Near Citi Field

Steve Cohen, the Met's owner, recently placed a casino license bid intending to develop the area near Citi Field Stadium in Queens. But Senator Jessica Ramos opposes Cohen's plan and temporarily blocked it.

A New York Post publication indicates that the lawmaker stated she won't spend the legislative session's last week introducing such a commercial bill. Ramos added that she will discuss last Friday's town hall with her neighbors. Still, she believes that they aren't in an appropriate position to introduce the Parkland alienation law.

Details About the Property

Ramos' statement dwelt on the land near Citi Field that the law categorized in 1939 as a section of the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

Besides, Jeffrion Aubry, Queens assemblyman, drafted a bill in March which allowed Cohen, a renowned billionaire, to transform Citi Field's parking lots into an entertainment and casino resort.

The legislation requires Governor Kathy Hochul and the Senate's support. But, Ramos, the local senator, has vehemently opposed it.

The Casino Development's Opposition

Senator Ramos states that the property's designation is unsuitable for Cohen's planned redevelopment in its early stages. She predicts that 65 percent of the session's attendees objected to Cohen's project since he is interested in getting a New York City gaming license. Yet, the legislative session will end in a few weeks.

What About Public Green Space?

The billionaire's spokesperson released a statement claiming that they have collaborated with the senator for a long period and have been considering her input all along. They will continue working with her and other Queens neighbors. Still, the tycoon will incorporate other people's feedback and meet with the community.

Their dialogue will be a transparent process that will help them redesign the 50 acres of space near Citi Field. The statement added that they have received a lot of input in 15 listening sessions, more than 20,000 in-person conversations, and over a hundred meetings.

They are optimistic that the local community and the Mets' supporters will love the redeveloped green space. Besides, it will provide better entertainment options to visitors and over a thousand permanent and new jobs.

The Casino's Opposers

The Las Vegas Sands' plan to launch a gaming venue at Long Island's Nassau Hub irked many residents who protested against it. But, a New York Post report shows that the legislature is likely to approve the Sands' plan once the state approves its license application on May 29.

The rally's participants stated that they don't want the main Stewart Avenue to resemble the Las Vegas Strip. They reiterated Nassau County's cultural and historical legacy, thus opposing all casino developments.

The Brooklyn Community Board opposed building a gaming site along the Coney Island boardwalk. Yet, Bally's Corporation wants to build a casino in the Bronx.

New York will soon issue three gaming licenses. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will receive tax revenue and license fees.


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