Shaun Deeb Tops in the 2023 WSOP Event No.27: $1,500 Eight Game Mix

Josh Arieh recently bagged his fifth World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet and tied with Shaun Deeb. But Deeb won his sixth bracelet after leading in the 2023 WSOP Event No.27: $1,500 Eight Game Mix and receiving $198,854. He stated after the tournament that he won it several days after betting with Arieh.

The Top Six Finalists Awards

  1. Shaun Deeb from the U.S. – $198,854
  2. Aloisio Dourado from Brazil – $122,910
  3. Kyle Loman from the U.S. – $84,329
  4. John Bunch from the U.S. – $58,888
  5. Daniel Strelitz from the U.S. – $41,867
  6. Craig Carrillo from the U.S. – $30,315

Deeb's Struggle Before Winning

Deeb almost missed qualifying for the tournament. He took part in the $600 Deepstack No-Limit Hold'em tournament before making late registration for the Eight Game Mix event.

The player gradually built his stack on Day 1 and was among the top entrants on Day 2. Yet, tables turned fast on Day 2, and he dropped to the 10th position in the chip standings.

Deeb stunned many viewers when he used queens to double up against Robert Mizrachi's jacks on the early hands. Yet, Mizarachi, Allan Le, Chad Campbell, and Quinn Do got busted early.

Nick Schulman finished 11th despite winning a bracelet this year, and David "Bakes" Baker left the tournament in ninth place. Deeb had 7,705,000 chips when the unofficial seven-handed final table was set.

Dave Stann left the event in the seventh position after his tens lost a hand of Pot-Limit Omaha to Dourado's kings. The remaining players battled it out for a few hours before another elimination occurred.

Daniel Strelitz, Dourado, and Deeb exchanged the stack lead several times. Deeb beat Strelitz in Limit Hold'em and got a large pot after flopping trip threes as Arieh jeered him. Craig Carrillo exited the event in sixth place after failing to connect with a pair in a Stud Hi-Lo hand.

Strelitz and Deeb clashed in a 2-7 Triple Draw. The former used king-ten to make a 1,200,000 all-in move in No-Limit Hold'em. But Dourado used aces on the button to eliminate Strelitz in the fifth position.

John Bunch followed Strelitz in the fourth position after Dourado picked his king-high bluff in Seven Card Stud. The former declined an Allen Kessler shirt's $500 offer before exiting the event.

Dourado's 8-7 call defeated Deeb's 10-6 in a 2-7 Triple Draw hence getting the chip lead. Kyle Loman used a 7-6 draw to move all in before pairing a deuce and Dourado's jack-low beating him. Dourado had an 11,950,000:7,750,000 stack advantage over Deeb when their heads-up action began.

Most poker diehards anticipated Deeb's victory in the final hand. He used king-ten to jam the river with a full house, while Dourado used pocket queens to call.

Unfortunately, Dourado failed to dominate Deeb and finished second with $122,910. The latter stated that such tournaments have a huge variance and players should expect anything, including losing flips.


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