Shea Quintin Wins $324,946 in the Mid-States Poker Tour Venetian $1,600 Main Event

Shea Quintin won $324,946 in the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) $1,600 Main Event after less than four hours of play on Friday at Venetian, Las Vegas. This was his first MSPT title, and he was thrilled to receive it. His last best score was slightly over $28,000, and his latest win was more.

Quintin resides in Florida and visited Las Vegas for the first time last week to take part in the event. His best friend and father cheered him on the rail after he was declared the champion after beating 1,643 opponents.

The MSPT Venetian Final Table's Results

  1. Shea Quintin from the United States-$324,946
  2. Yulia Lischkina from Russia-$284,050
  3. Fehim Hajdari from Denmark-$178,045
  4. Jack O'Neill from the United Kingdom-$135,877
  5. Matthew Sabia from the U.S.-$100,736
  6. Rohan Dhuper from the U.S.-$74,966
  7. Kevin Ayow from Canada-$57,396
  8. Rickey Evans from the U.S.-$45,448
  9. Angelina Rich from Australia-$36,780

Action on the Final Table

The action started on the table when Hien Nguyen wagered 60 percent of his chips on a king-high board. Yulia Lischkina went all in while responding to Nguyen's move. The latter's pair jack kicker beat the former's pair deuce kicker and sent him packing in 10th place with $36,780.

Angelina Rich, the 2015 MSPT Venetian winner, turned a flush draw and two-pair combination against a flush that Quintin turned. The money went in, and Rich didn't get help from the river, thus exiting the event in the ninth position with $36,780.

Rickey Evans had the least chips when the day began, but he managed to get a ladder pay jump. Yet, his run ended after Matthew Sabia's pocket kings beat his pocket threes. He didn't get help and left the table in eighth place with $45,448.

The next elimination took place fast when Kevin Ayow went all in with ace-ten suited from an early position, and Sabia's pocket jacks looked him up. He got a gut shot after the flop but didn't get help from either the river or turn, thus leaving the event.

Rohan Dhuper used ace-king to move his remaining eight big blinds, and Sabia's pocket sevens looked him up. The board didn't improve and sent Dhuper packing in the sixth position with 474,966.

Things appeared to favor Sabia, but Lisichkina grabbed his chips. The latter's ace-king defeated the former's pocket aces and gave him a huge chip lead. Sabia went home with $100,736 after he finished fifth.

Jack O'Neill got a little momentum and opted to risk ace-three suited against Lisichkina's ace-king. But, the board dried, and Lisichkina got more chips and sent O'Neill packing in fourth place with $135,877.

Fehim Hajdari lost several pots to Lisichkina and Quintin. But he went all-in with pocket nines and faced Quintin's ace-jack.

Pocket nines had a safe turn and flop. Yet, Quintin got a better pair from the river's ace and eliminated Hajdari in the third position with $178,045.

Yulia Lisichkina Battles It Out With Quintin

The two finalists made an ICM deal that guaranteed Lisichkina winning $284,050 and Quintin $264,946, thus being the best scores in their professional poker careers. They still played for the $60,000 prize and trophy.

A fierce heads-up battle took place as Quintin and Lisichkina wasted a few minutes deciding what to do next and played a fast game. The former briefly took the chips lead, but the latter regained it after a short while.

The final hand saw Quintin use three queens to raise on the turn while Lisichkina made an open-ended straight draw to go all in. The former's queens held up for him and enabled him to defeat Lisichkina, who won $284,050. Quintin won $324,946 and the MSPT title.


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