Simon Mattsson Narrowly Misses Winning Two PokerStars Online Tournaments

Many poker diehards globally are focusing on online tournaments after the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) and PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) ended. Some players who competed in the championships are striving to win titles at PokerStars' high-stakes events.

Michael Sklenicka Is The Grand's New Champion

Michael Sklenicka was the last player standing in the $1,050 buy-in The Grand event. It attracted 74 players who created a $75,000 prize pool. But, only 13 entrants shared it.

Jaime Staples bust the money bubble. Matthew Staples, Jaime's brother, and Skelenicka clashed in a fierce battle for the top prize. But, Sklenicka beat Staples and won the title.

What the Top Nine Players Took Home

  1. Michael Sklenicka from Czech Republic-$18,816
  2. Matthew Staples from Canada-$12,344
  3. Nikolay Dimitrov from Bulgaria-$8,684
  4. Eliot Hudon from Canada-$6,382
  5. Jonathan Kay from the United Kingdom-$4,912
  6. Niklas Astedt from Sweden-$3,184
  7. Gavin Cochrane from the United Kingdom-$3,184
  8. Artur Martirosian from Mexico-$2,890

The Weekly $5,200 Titans Event

This week's $5,200 Titans Event attracted 68 players who formed a $340,000 prize pool. But, only nine finalists shared it. Some of the players who competed in The Bahamas but didn't win money in the Titans Event included Artur "mararthur1" Martirosian, Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz, David "dpeters17" Peters, and Thomas "WushuTM" Myehloecker.

The Top Players' Prizes

  1. uwinitakeit from Canada-$91,769
  2. Simon "C.Darwin2" Mattsson from Sweden-$68,735
  3. Sintoras from Germany-$51,482
  4. Adrian "Amadi_017" Mateos from the United Kingdom-$38,560
  5. Jesper8 from Austria-$28,881
  6. drew.derzh from Ukraine-$16,202
  7. Christian "WATnlos" Rudolph from Austria-$12,135
  8. Gavin "gavz101" Cochrane from the United Kingdom-$10,600

How Things Unfolded at the Final Table

Gavin Cochrane was the first finalist to leave the table. Christian Rudolph, drew.derzh and David Yan followed him in eighth, seventh, and sixth place respectively. Yan previously won $485,690 in the $50,000 PCA 6-Handed High Roller.

Jesper8's run ended in fifth place and Adrian Mateos followed him in fourth place. Sintoras got busted in third place as his exit set up a heads-up battle between Simon Mattson and uwinitakeit. But, uwinitakeit sent Mattsson packing in second place with $68,735.

Simon Mattsson Misses Another Top Prize

Luck wasn't on Mattsson's side again as he finished second in the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up High Roller. It attracted 43 entrants who created a $43,000 prize pool.

13santoy13 finished seventh and busted the event's money bubble. Stumpfed Succeed and Peter "Belebacsi'' Traply made four-figure scores.

filusPL finished third as Mattsson clashed with xMFPx in heads-up action. The two finalists made a deal in which Mattsson finished second and xMFPx won the tournament.

The Top Six Players' Scores

  1. xMFPx from the United Kingdom-$13,344
  2. Simon "C.Darwin2" Mattsson from Sweden-$12,121
  3. filusPL from Poland-$7,086
  4. Succeed from Austria-$4,851
  5. Peter "Belabacsi" Traply from Hungary-$3,321
  6. Stumpfed from Canada-$2,274

"Brapan30" Wins PartyPoker's Maiden Big Saturday Tournament

PartyPoker introduced three new major tournaments last weekend after it adjusted its event schedule. The Big Saturday ended on February 4 and the other two tournaments awarded their winners on February 6.

The Big Saturday attracted 160 entrants who formed a $32,255 guaranteed prize pool. Only two of its final table players; billyboyspuff and Way2Cold2Fold made three-figure scores.

AAzulay, antiZZZ, uffgepasst77, mardaturan and Benibennn lost their chips early in the final day's action. Brapan30 clashed with AlbertoBalsalm in a tough heads-up match. Unfortunately, Brapan30 outwitted AlbertoBalsalm and sent them packing in second place with $4,328.

The Top Nine Players' Prizes

  1. Brapan30-$6,158
  2. AlbertoBalsalm-$4,328
  3. Benibennn-$3,027
  4. mardaturan-$2,073
  5. uffgepasst77-$1,556
  6. antiZZZ-$1,282
  7. AAzulay-$1,075
  8. billyboyspuff-$915
  9. Way2Cold2Fold-$786


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