Slayer to Perform in Las Vegas!

One of the most popular metal bands ever, Slayer announced that they will start their farewell world tour on November 2, 2019. Tom Araya, Kerry King, Gary Holt, and Paul Bostaph called their tour The Final Campaign, and on November 2 the tour will begin its seventh leg, which is the last one. The tour will start at the Explore Asheville Arena, which is located in Asheville, NC. The band will travel to Los Angeles after that, where they will continue their tour. However, they also announced that they will be performing in Las Vegas at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – Garden Arena. Their performance is scheduled for November 27 at 6 pm. The best thing about this tour is that they are not going to perform alone, as a couple of bands will accompany them, including Primus, Ministry and Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals.

The price of tickets will start at $49.50 and go up to $79.50. They are on sale as of today, July 12 at 10 am PT. They are available at Furthermore, members of M life Rewards and Live Nation and customers at AXS were able to buy them on a pre-sale that started on July 11, 10 am PT. However, at the moment of reading this text, the tickets will probably be available for everyone.

The Final World Tour by Slayer started back on May 10, 2018, as the band intended to play as many concerts as possible in order to reach as many fans as possible. In other words, they wanted to be available for their fans all over the world one last time before they retire. That is why they decided to kick off a huge final tour which consists of seven legs. At the time their tour ends on November 30, 2019, they will have performed more than 140 shows in 30 countries and 40 states of the USA.

The legendary metal band has been on a crazy ride for the past year, as their concert crew includes a lot of members who take care of some very interesting props that people are able to see at Slayer’s concerts. First of all, apart from three bus drivers and four truck drivers, the crew includes 32 more people who make sure that the concert experience is impeccable.

Slayer is famous for various pyro spectacles, so they have a pyro expert and carry around approximately 160 pounds of propane and about 10 liters of 99% isopropyl alcohol. Apart from stunning visuals, the band has been known for having brutal concerts that metal fans love to visit. In fact, Slayer has one of the biggest die-hard fanbases in the world, as their fans are absolutely in love with them and their music. One of the fans in Toronto was thrown out of a concert, so he decided to jump into Lake Ontario and swim across it in order to enter the concert area — this is just one example of how devoted their fans are.

One of the things that should not be left out is their music, which has inspired many young generations to become metalheads and create metal bands. Slayer has been a part of the world metal scene for a very long time, always ready to explore the genre and take it one step further. There are no metal fans who dislike slayer, and if you happen to be in Las Vegas and you consider yourself a metal fan, make sure not to miss this spectacle.


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