Slot Manufacturers to Debut New Object Recognition Technology during Global Gaming Expo

Global Gaming Expo is set to take place next month, providing a space for vendors as well as game manufacturers, developers, operators and other industry insiders a peak at new products and technology. One hot ticket item set to be revealed during the upcoming expo is facial recognition software. The unique concept is being pushed by several manufacturers of slot machines including Scientific Games.

New Technology

For years, manufacturers of slot games have been playing with the idea of facial recognition technology.  According to experts, the technology could essentially change the industry in a major way, allowing operators to have more data on players than they have in the past.

So, how does it work? When one of the slot machines scans the face of a player, it creates an anonymous player ID for that person. The technology then has the ability to track how often the individual is onsite at the casino as well as how much they usually spend. The tracking can go even further, including which restaurants of the property the player visits most.

The information is then sent to the casino where employees can use the data to create an experience that is sure to please each individual player. Staff members would know where you are, be able to say hello or offer something to eat at a particular restaurant.

Manufacturers of the idea feel that this brings back a sentiment of Old Las Vegas. In the olden days, customers were remembered by staff members, recognized on site, called by name, etc. In today’s more fast-paced, modern world, individual recognition is a thing of the past. With the facial recognition technology, the casinos can add a personal touch that was seen in days gone by.

Don’t Track Me

While some see this as a positive opportunity for player interaction with the venue, others see it as creepy. Some players are going to feel that their activity is private and should not be tracked by the casino. Knowing that their every move may be under watch, is something that players may not be keen to be part of.

However, experts state that players already have their participation tracked at the casino via a loyalty card. Cameras are also located on site that are used for security needs. Other areas that consumers frequent also use the facial recognition technology, such as Delta Air Lines, where individuals can board the plane as their face is recognized instead of using a ticket.

It will probably boil down to players seeing how the technology works and how it affects them before begin truly okay with the facial recognition software.

Konami Gaming has plans to showcase their facial recognition devices in November during the Global Gaming Expo. With the showcase, Konami is hoping that they will be given approval by the regulators of Nevada to install their new technology.

Konami feels that the new technology will benefit regulators as it will provide extra cameras that can be used to keep banned players from taking part in gaming. It can also be used to help individuals with a gambling problem. Staff members could be alerted when players spend too much money or help those who are self-banned from taking part in gaming.

Overall, G2E is going to be filled with the new technology and we will soon get a peek into what the technology will provide and how it can be used on the gaming floor.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.