SLS Las Vegas Opens Its Infinity High-Limit Lounge

SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is under a $150 million transformation, and one of the latest additions to this great property is its newest gaming area called Infinity. It is actually a very sophisticated and refined gaming lounge with premium features. The casino fully renovated the casino floor, and Infinity comes like the icing on the cake.

Everyone who likes to play games with high-limit bets will now be able to try various casino games including roulette, six-deck shoe and double-deck blackjack, baccarat, poker machines, and more. Moreover, visitors will have an opportunity to test 40 premium games, with some of the most popular titles. In fact, certain titles are unique in Vegas, such as Crystal Slant Poker and Pure Luxe.

Beautiful Design

Infinity is definitely separated from the rest of the gaming floor as it has very interesting design details. Visitors will definitely notice a glass mosaic depicting spiral patterns on walls that immediately capture attention and make everyone go “Wow!” just by looking at them.

The walls are further enriched by various shades of violet, ruby, and plum, with gold decorations every here and there. In fact, the entire area is a very interesting experiment of professional interior designers, including the Hermes Spirographie-inspired lavish carpet, and more.

Full-Service Bar

However beautiful and mesmerizing, the decorations are not the most important feature of this high-limit gaming area. In fact, the Infinity lounge also offers a 24-hour bar where you can order numerous beverages, including specialty cocktails.

If you take a look at the menu of this bar, you will notice some very interesting cocktail names. For example, one of the things you should definitely try is called The Rising Sun Coffee. The beverage contains a special Suntory Toki Japanese whiskey combined with chicory coffee. On top of that, there are coconut shavings, cacao nibs, and even some oranges in there.

Another interesting drink you can try is called Smoking Sangria. It features a mixture of orange juice, pineapple juice, red wine with fresh fruits, and Hennessey V.SO.OP with Cointreau.

Finally, there’s the so-called Tea It Up! Drink that includes lemongrass blended with Bombay Sapphire East Gin, yuzu, and a cold mango-passion fruit tea.

However, cocktails are not the only thing you could try at this bar. There is also a wide selection of beers, including craft beers and imported ones. Moreover, there are various ciders, seltzers, and wines from all over the globe.

Visitors to this lounge will also have an opportunity to taste complimentary drinks such as loose leaf hot teas and various whole fruits. This is available every Friday, starting at 6 pm until Sunday at 6 pm.

Infinity is definitely someplace you should visit if you like great interiors that give you a luxurious experience. The entire high-limit area, along with all the slot machines and table games, will make you feel great in every possible way at a reasonable price.

Denominations for slots are actually $1 and can go up to $25. On the other hand, the minimum for table games is $50, but you can bet up to $10,000 per game. If you happen to love playing exclusive baccarat games, you will be happy to know that there are elite baccarat games in the area.

To sum up, SLS Las Vegas has been doing pretty well lately, and the transformation process gives outstanding results. It is one of the most popular places in Vegas, and someplace you should definitely pay a visit if you go to the Entertainment Capital of the World.


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