Soukha Kachittavong Wins $70,194 and a Trophy in the $2,100 Bounty Event

Atlantic City hosted the $2,100 Bounty Event which partly formed The Return- A Borgata Championship Event. The two-day tournament ended after almost ten hours of play in a five-handed ICM chop which earned Soukha Kachittavong the Borgata trophy and the $70,194 top prize. Mitchell Garshofsky, Daniel Williams, Jake Ripnick, and Ross Feldman, and some of the players who reached the final table.

The Final Table's Results

  1. Soukha Kachittavong-$70,194
  2. Mitchell Garshofsky-$64,042
  3. Ross Feldman-$58,042
  4. Jake Ripnick-$54,743
  5. Daniel Williams-$46,495
  6. Scott Bohlman-$22,310
  7. Nir Cohen-$17,703
  8. Joshua Smith-$13,823
  9. Jesse Mercado-$9,700

Action on the Final Day

Day 2 action started with 54 players after the end of Day 1's money bubble burst. Ryan Riess, World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner, fell for less than $1,940 after several hands. He used ace-queen to move all-in against Robert McLaughlin's ace-queen.

Unfortunately, a queen on the turn and another on the flop ended his run. Even though Riess left the table early, Joe McKeehen is among the leading players in the $5,300 The Return that has two more tables.

Simon Levy had three big blinds when the day's action kicked off. Yet, he succeeded in growing his stack and later got busted in hand-for-hand play on the final table. Levy's Big Slick lost a flip against Nir Cohen's eights.

Cohen started the day with the second-largest stack and dropped his position to seventh place. The Fishhooks of Garshofsky dominated Cohen's ace-seven.

Scott Bohlman followed Cohen in sixth place. He left the table after his king-queen out-flopped Garshofsky's pocket eights. Yet, an eight on the river sent him packing.

The other five finalists opted to check ICM numbers and give opinions of what pleased them. Kachittavong got a chip advantage over Garshofsky when he won a big pot containing top pair top kicker. The former stated after the tournament that he was cautious when playing since he had the chip lead at that moment and held the second position in the chip standings.

Kachittavong Bags Another Prophy

The Hendon Mob reports that Kachittavong has earned more than $1.6 million in live poker winnings before the recent tournament. Besides, he was among the more experienced entrants at the table while returning to Atlantic City.

He stated in a media interview that he felt great after receiving the trophy. Kachittavong hasn't played poker for a long time in New York City. But he will increase the amount of time he spends on the game.

Kachittavong resides in Foxwoods and he plays a lot there. But, they only have dailies and lack an ongoing series. He isn't fond of traveling like other poker pros since he has two children.

The player made a wise decision to take part in The Return series. Kachittavong had an exceptional performance at $2,200 Mystery Bounty.

So, he added the event's first-place prize to more than 10 $1,000 bounties that he won. The pro is determined to play again and he has won six titles at Borgata.


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