Stephen Chidwick Wins the Purple Jacket Despite Losing the 2023 Poker Masters $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em Title to Jonathan Jaffe

Stephen Chidwick was many poker diehards’ favorite in the 2023 Poker Masters Event No.10: $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em. However, Jonathan Jaffe beat him in the last hand. Still, Chidwick won the prestigious Purple Jacket.

The tournament featured 42 players, and its final table was played on Tuesday. Each of the entrants eyed its $756,000 top prize. However, Chino Rheem, Alex Foxen, Brian Kim, and Chidwick were among the title’s top contenders.

The Top Six Finalists’ Prizes

  1. Jonathan Jaffe from the U.S.-$756,000
  2. Stephen Chidwick from the UK-$504,000
  3. Alex Foxen from the U.S.-$336,000
  4. Brian Kim from the U.S.-$231,000
  5. Chino Rheem from the U.S.-$168,000
  6. Nick Petrangelo from the U.S.-$105,000

A Bad Beat Costs Chidwick the Title

Vladas Tamasauskas had 506 points, and they had the Poker Masters lead after winning two tournaments. Yet, bagging the title wasn’t a piece of cake for him as he faced tough opponents at the final table.

A first-place finish would earn a player 454 points, while the fourth finisher would get 139 points. Chidwick, Rheem, Kim, and Foxen outlasted Tamasauskas with better-than-fifth-place finishes.

Nick Petrangelo exited the tournament in the sixth position with $105,000. Rheem used AxJx to jam all-in against Jaffe’s AxAx, thus increasing his probability of bagging the Purple Jacket. Unfortunately, the former finished fifth with $168,000.

Kim had 145 Poker Masters points when the $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em final day’s action kicked off. Still, he had to win the title to get the Purple Jacket.

Unfortunately, Chidwick busted him in fourth place with $231,000. So, Foxen and Chidwick were the only contenders for the Jacket. But the odds favored Chidwick after Foxen finished third with $336,000.

The former was declared as the Poker Masters winner. However, he still focused on winning the finale.

Chidwick used A♠9♦ to make a three-bet all-in shove while Jaffe held A♦3♥. The former had an over 3:1 chip disadvantage. The flop didn’t turn the tables after revealing K♦7♠10♦.

8♣ landed on the turn. The 3♣ landed on the river, giving Jaffee a three-outer and the $756,000 pot. Chidwick took home $504,000 as the runner-up. His latest payout exceeded the $400,000 he received after winning Event No.8: $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em.

Chidwick received the Purple Jacket and an additional $50,000 for bagging the overall Poker Masters trophy. Still, he is a Poker Hall of Famer and won the 2018 U.S. Poker Open Championship.

The Hendon Mob shows that he has $52.8 million in winnings in live poker events. He has received four cash prizes in the Poker Masters. Chidwick made his first three cashes in the series’ last three tournaments after starting it on a low note.

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