Stephen Song Is the New WPT Prime Championship Winner

The World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Championship $1,100 buy-in tournament attracted 5,430 players who formed a $5,267,100 prize pool after doubling its $2 million guarantee. Stephen Song won $712,650 after being the last remaining player at the table.

He stated after the event that it was incredible since he had dreamt of winning the tournament this year. But, the poker pro isn't certain if he will have a similar run again in the future. It was the largest score in his career.

The 27-year- old Greenwich, Connecticut resident won a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet in the past. The Hendon Mob shows that he has over $5.1 million in lifetime live poker tournament earnings. His previous largest score was the $476,990 he won after finishing second in the 2022 WSOP $5,000 Six-Max tournament.

The Final Table's Payouts and POY Points

  1. Stephen Song – $712,650 and 1,320 points
  2. Lara Eisenberg – $481,500 and 1,100 points
  3. Young Eum – $354,000 and 880 points
  4. Alon Messica – $265,000 and 660 points
  5. Albert Nguyen – $200,000 and 550 points
  6. Giorgii Skhulukhiia – $153,000 and 440 points

Action at the Final Table

The finalists set the final table on December 13 but resumed playing on December 19. Song and Lata Eisenberg tied as the largest stacks. But, Eisenberg had less than two big blinds more than Song when the cards played out.

The table's first elimination occurred on the day's 14th deal after Giorgii Skhulukhiia used 10Club Suit7Club Suit to make a 600,000 limp in from the button and Eisenberg used AHeart SuitADiamond Suit to make a 2,500,000 raise from the small blind.

The former called and the flop came down AClub Suit7Heart Suit2Heart Suit thus giving the latter a top set. Eisenberg wagered 1,200,000 as Skulukhiia used backdoor flush possibilities and middle pair to call.

The 9Club Suit on the turn earned Skhulukhiia a fully-fledged flush draw as Eisenberg wagered 2,400,000. The former called and the 2Club Suit improved them. It earned Skhulukhiia a flush and Eisenberg ace full of deuces.

The former shoved and the latter covered. Eisenberg busted Skhulukhiia in sixth place after calling. Albert Nguyen followed him in the fifth position after using ASpade SuitQClub Suit to make a button min-raise. Alon Messica held ADiamond Suit10Club Suit and AHeart SuitJHeart Suit5Diamond Suit appeared on the flop giving each player the top pair.

The turn earned Messica 10Spade Suit make-aces. He checked and prompted Nguyen to check behind. The case ace appeared on the river as Messica got aces full and Nguyen got trips.

The former checked and the latter fired 4,500,000. This prompted Mescia to make an all-in check-raise and Nguyen to call and risk his run. Messica revealed a full house and Nguyen greeted him before exiting the tournament.

Song used QSpade Suit8Club Suit to limp in from a small blind and Messica used QHeart Suit9Spade Suit to check in the big blind. ASpade Suit4Heart Suit2Club Suit7Club Suit6Diamond Suit appeared on the board.

Song re-checked and Messica wagered 2,000,000 using queen-nine high. The former used queen-eight high to check-raise bluff.

Eisenberg got a big pot from Messica using rivered two pair. Unfortunately, a hero call ended the latter's run in fourth place.

Eum finished third after his AHeart SuitQSpade Suit lost to Eisenberg's JHeart SuitJClub Suit. The latter had a 3:1 chip lead over Song when heads-up action began. Yet, Song reduced the gap fast after his quad jacks beat Eisenberg's jacks full of fives.

Eisenberg used QDiamond Suit8Spade Suit to make a 2,000,000 limp and Song used 6Spade Suit4Diamond Suit to check. The QSpade Suit8Heart Suit5Spade Suit flop prompted Song to check as Eisenberg used the top two pair to wager 2,000,000.

Song got an eight-high straight from the 7Heart Suit on the turn after it completed his draw. The 2Spade Suit completed a board and locked Song's victory thus sending Eisenberg packing as a runner-up with $481,500.


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