TEANfilas Is the New 888poker Sunday Sale Main Event Champion

888pooker had a Sunday Sale promotion last weekend that slashed its two huge tournaments' buy-ins.

They include the $49,000 Sunday Sale High Roller and the $100,000 Sunday Sale Main Event. The main event cost $55 rather than $109, while the high roller cost $265 instead of $525.

The $100,000 event attracted 1,868 entrants that formed a $6,700 overlay. "TEANfilas," a skilled Brazilian player, emerged the winner and took home $13,810.

The $100,000 Sunday Sale Main Event's Final Table

  1. TEANfilas from Brazil – $13,810
  2. n0name24 from Romania – $10,080
  3. checheee from Romania – $7,410
  4. Spiralblock from Germany – $5,490
  5. CharlesUlman from Brazil – $4,060
  6. vse0k from Ukraine – $3,030
  7. Biceps87 from the United Kingdom – $2,270
  8. Reence from Lithuania – $1,720
  9. WalnutPix from the United Kingdom – $1,310

"WalnutPix" exhausted his stack faster than the other finalists at the table. He used queen-jack and seven big blinds to open-shove, but CharlesUlman's pocket queens beat them, thus eliminating him in ninth place with $1,310.

Reence exited the event in eighth place after using ace-ten of hearts to go all-in with 16.6 big blinds. But TEANfilas called at the button, thus busting him.

Biceps87 followed Reence after his aces lost to pocket sevens when he went all-in with 0.2 big blinds. The former doubled up several times but failed to return to action. TEANfilas sent him packing in seventh place with $2,270.

vse0k, a Ukranian poker pro, exited the tournament with $3,030 in sixth place after using pocket nines to three-bet with 5.4 big blinds as Spiralblock used ace-ten to call. Even so, a ten on the flop turned against vse0k as Spiralblock backed in a broadway straight.

CharlesUlman became broke in the next hand after checheee's pocket aces beat his king-jack in a jack-high flop. The former left the table in fifth place with $4,060.

Spiralblock was the next player to go home. n0name24 used pocket nines to min-raise in a cutoff before he used 9.2 big blinds to make a three-bet shove against Spiralblock. It constituted a pair of eights in a hole. Surprisingly, the nines held as the event had three finalists left.

Checheee exited the event shortly after asking to check the numbers. Yet, his opponents refused, thus leading to his elimination in third place with $7,410 after he used pocket threes to move all-in with less than 14 big blinds.

TEANfilas used kings to snap-called and end checheee's run. The former led n0name24 by a 2:1 margin. Still, a 30 minutes heads-up play occurred after n0name24 used queen-eight to make 2.2 big blinds raise as TEANfilas used ace-seven to call.

The flop dropped deuce-four-nine, having two clubs as TEANfilas made a 1.5 big blind continuation wager. He used four big blinds to check-call after an ace appeared on the turn, thus revealing a seven on the turn.

The player used a two pair to check as n0name24 made an 11 big blinds shove. TEANfilas called and won $13,810 in the $100,000 Sunday Sale Main Event.

Kellerasse10 Wins the $40,000 Sunday Sale High Roller

The tournament attracted 224 entrants who formed a $56,000 prize pool. Each of them bought in $265 and tried their luck. But kellerasse10 got the lion's share when he won $12,555 after defeating FidisManibu8.


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