Texas Strict Gambling Laws to Remain Intact despite Other States Voting to Expand Gaming Industry

Texas has allowed social casinos to operate in the State, but real money casinos are entirely barred. This is to say that the bettors can’t bet or have access to an online casino that offers cash prizes. Note that this also includes online poker rooms and online slots.

The State of Online Gambling in the Other US States

Most states in the US are aiming at modifying online gaming regulations to open doors for these games. Unfortunately, Texas has distanced itself from those plans. Since the State has remained adamant for a long time, it’s likely that this may still be the case in the future.

Texas has been at the forefront in opposing all forms of gambling, including online casino gaming. According to some jurisdictions, online casino gaming is more contentious than brick-and-mortar casinos.

Therefore, online casinos will need a change of law for players to enjoy themselves with no limitations. But that may not happen soon. This is because the legislators meet in odds years, not to mention that lawmakers have continued to give a blind eye to the bill.

In as much as real money games are prohibited in Texas, social casinos are legal. So, the players are not required to make money deposits to play. The awards are usually prizes or sweepstakes. The best part is that the casinos available are enabled for mobile devices. Therefore, the players can always play on the go. Some popular social casinos in Texas include Chumba, LuckyLand, and WinStar. These social casinos offer prominent games, including slots and Blackjack, among others. In the coming days, more social online casinos will be developed in Texas.

Players in Texas can enjoy the brick-and-mortar casinos – 2 Native American communities operate casinos regardless of opposition from Texas’s government. Besides, there are cruises found alongside the Gulf Coast. Betting lovers use the boats to sail into international waters, a place without gambling laws. In the meantime, social gaming casinos have continued to rule the state’s gaming industry as real money casinos continue to expect a change.

Prospective Launch Dates for Lawful Gambling in Texas

Most States have permitted online betting plus sports wagering after the Supreme Court decided to allow individual states to engage in legal sports gambling in 2018. However, Texas has remained relentless.

The 2019 sports gambling proposal from Eddie Lucio III, the Rep. of Democratic State, did not change the loner state’s GOP-controlled legislature. The state has a history of a dead-end to all bills related to legal gambling.

So, it’s impossible to predict when Texas will allow online gambling sites to operate in the region. Months of sorting out regulations are needed. Thus the state has a long way to go.

At the moment, you can enjoy popular slot machines and table games at social casinos in Texas. The games available feature those in real money casinos. The most exciting part is that social casinos charge nothing. They are free.

With some social casinos, you are allowed to win actual money or sweepstakes coins and prizes. For instance, Chumba is among the prominent online casinos available in the state where players play to win prizes and sometimes real cash upon registration.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.