The $10,300 NAPT Super High Roller Awards Jesse Lonis $174,550

The 2023 PokerStars North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Tour Las Vegas is taking place at Resorts World. The $10,300 Super High Roller attracted thousands of spectators and started the just-returned NAPT after it took a 12-year break.

The tournament featured 59 players who formed a $572,300 prize pool. They included David Stamm and Jesse Lonis who clashed in its last hand.

Unfortunately, Lonis won and received $174,550, one of his few six-figure payouts in 2023. John Morgan and Shannon Shorr got busted in Day 2 as six players advanced to Day 3.

The Final Table’s Scores

  1. Jesse Lonis from the U.S.-$174,550
  2. David Stamm from the U.S.-$114,460
  3. Sergio Aido from Spain-$82,985
  4. Richard Green from the U.S.-$62,955
  5. Sam Soverel from the U.S.-$48,645
  6. Jim Collopy from the U.S.-$37,200
  7. John Morgan from the U.S.-$28,615
  8. Shannon Shorr from the U.S.-$22,890

The Last Day’s Battle of the Blinds

Day 3 kicked off fast as Richard Green, Soverel and Jim Collopy left the tournament after a short while. Green doubled up Aido and Stamm despite finishing fourth with $62,955.

Aido followed him in third place with $82,985. He used king-ten to make a three-bet jam before clashing with Stamm’s ace-king. Unfortunately, Stamm dominated and sent Aido packing, hence having a chip advantage over Lonis when their heads-up action began.

Reports show that Stamm has won over $1.4 million in live poker tournaments. Yet, he lost the last hand to Lonis, finishing second with $114,460.

Lonis’ Reaction After Winning

Lonis stated after the tournament that it wasn’t a piece of cake. He strived to remain focused on the final table and got several huge coolers while keeping calm.

The winner continued playing hoping to find crucial spots. Still, he was keen not to make costly mistakes which was a remarkable achievement in such a competitive event. Lonis is confident he had A-game and he made great hero calls.

He made several accurate folds as bad beats inspired him. the player wore a Puma bomber jacket and reflective aviators. Nevertheless, his two daughters and wife were at home.

Lonis told Stamm during their battle that he was concerned about the money and wasn’t too keen on bagging the trophy. He added that money is more important when a player is preparing to compete in bigger events in the future.

He admitted that one can occasionally go crazy while on the felt. 2023 started on a high note for Lonis as he won $367,400 in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). Still, he bagged a bracelet and $2,303,017 in the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) $50,000 Pot-Limit Omaha.

The player stated in a media interview that his victories felt like a Triple Crown. However, he applauded Stamm calling him a tough opponent to beat. He disclosed that they have clashed several times in recent years.


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