The American Gaming Association Reports That the Country’s Gaming Industry Rakes in $329 Billion Annually

The American Gaming Association (AGA) released a report on Monday showing that the country’s gaming industry generates $329 billion annually. Also, its impact on the economy rose by 26 percent last year compared to 2017.

Tribal and commercial gaming properties created 1.8 million job positions. They constitute 700,000 vacancies at their premises or gaming-related ventures like in 2017.

The jobs raked in $104 billion in salaries countrywide, a 40 percent increase compared to 2017. Still, the gaming sector paid local, state, and federal governments $52.7 billion, a 29 percent rise, unlike in 2017.

AGA’s report was its first gaming research since 2018, when it released its 2017 findings. Bill Miller, the association’s CEO and President, stated that the recent results indicate that the gaming industry is reviving.

He said that most of the almost 1,000 gaming properties that the country had before the Coronavirus pandemic have shut down. Still, the AGA will use its latest data to urge legislators to favor casino operators and law enforcers to track illegal gaming venues.

Gaming Operator’s Revenue

This is the national gaming sector’s best year, as casinos are almost generating $60 billion more than their 2022 revenue. David Schwartz, University of Nevada Las Vegas’ betting historian, stated that casino gaming is rapidly gaining popularity in the country. He added that casino operators are playing a key role in steering its economic growth despite facing challenges like soaring inflation rates.

Stockton University’s Lloyd Levenson Institute’s Director, Jane Bokunewicz, has focused on Atlantic City’s casino industry for a long period. She revealed that casinos’ winnings are part of their contribution to the United States economy.

Generally, they are most regions’ biggest employers. Some of their commitments include benefits and wages. The gaming sites’ workers use them to buy extra services and goods, thus having a secondary impact on the economy.

Bokunewicz stated that the gaming sites have huge expenditures comprising laundry services, property maintenance, hotel room amenities, linen, and purchasing food. Besides, they employ contractors and builders for other capital improvements.

AGA’s research evaluated the money gamblers lose in casinos or spend in ventures such as stores and restaurants on online betting, sports wagers, and ordinary casino games. It assessed capital investments like casino upgrades, the construction of new gaming venues, and the installation of new gaming machines.

Casinos have certain supply chain expenses, and their staff spend money on non-gambling things. For instance, AGA discovered that gamers spent $13.5 billion on restaurants and transport to gaming resorts.

More Details About Casino Jobs

The AGA’s research showed that casino operators hired 332,000 employees in 2022, who got $16.3 billion in tips and benefits. Tribal casinos contracted 256,000 workers who received $8 billion in total.

Casinos directly employ 709,000 employees, including over 23,000 gaming equipment developers, 89,000 personnel at enterprises that serve players in trips, and 597,000 corporate and on-site workers.


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