The Bar Poker Open Florida World Championship Earns Ian Auvil $50,000

The Bar Poker Open (BPO) Florida World Championship attracted many players and spectators from different states. It featured 426 entrants who created a $122,688 prize pool. Ian Auvil defied the odds when he beat Ronald Kaepernick in the last level to win $50,000 and the title.

The Palm Beach Kennel Club hosted the tournament. Auvil was one of its final table’s most active players and was elated to receive the trophy.

What Did the Top Players Take Home?

  1. Ian Auvil from Stuart-$50,000
  2. Ronald Kaepernick from Stuart-$22,500
  3. Gregg Bloom from Delray Beach-$10,000
  4. Paul Chamberlain from Norwood-$5,200
  5. Miguel Medrano from New York City-$3,438
  6. John Purdy from North Attleboro-$2,500
  7. David Phillips from Parker-$2,000
  8. Chris Davis from Los Angeles-$1,500
  9. Bogdan Zavu from Framingham-$1,250

The Tournament’s Final Day

Poker analysts predicted that many players would get busted fast on the tournament’s last day as its largest stack contained less than 40 big blinds. Their expectation turned true three minutes later after the level changed.

The initial 43-entry field was reduced to 27 players after 30 minutes. Still, 10 more players got busted before the day’s first break. Billy Hayes was among the first players to get busted despite having the largest stack earlier in the day.

He used bottom pair to make a three-bet jam against John Purdy’s flush draw and the middle pair for a large pot. But Purdy took the lead after making a flush and busted Hayes. More quick eliminations occurred after Hayes’ exit and a nine-handed final table was formed after less than four hours.

The remaining finalists took a three-hour break to regroup, refresh, and attend a few interviews. The final table’s action began early in the evening and Palm Beach Kennel Club broadcasted it.

Bogdan Zavu left the table in ninth place and the two leading players evened their chips. Chris Davis followed Zavu in the eighth position. The former had the lead when he decided to risk kings in the big blind when the latter went all-in.

Davis made a big jam on the ten-high flop as Auvil followed him closely. The latter called and made a set of nines flop. Still, he made a huge double up and collected Davis’ chips before busting him.

David Phillips’ run ended in the seventh position and Purdy got busted in sixth place. Auvil’s kings dominated Miguel Medrano’s ace-jack and eliminated him in the fifth position.

The former’s stack reduced to three big blinds when four-handed action began. However, he increased his chips and winning probability by busting Paul Chamberlain in fourth place. Still, Auvil’s amazing run extended when he doubled up though Kaepernick and got the stack lead.

Auvil eliminated Gregg Bloom in the third position after flopping a set and dominating his opponent’s open-ended straight draw. He finished Kaepernick’s run in the second position with $22,500 after two hands.


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