The Caribbean Poker Party Moves Online With Up to $10 Million for Grabs

Poker Party has announced its final preparations for 2020’s Caribbean Poker Party, which will miss the Bahamas’ beach ambiance. Contrary to what poker fanatics are used to, the event will go live online from November 15th to 25th, leaving up to $10 million for grabs in the ten events that will be featured.

Party Poker’s live president, John Duthie, broke the news, urging disappointed fans to replicate the Bahamas experience in their backyards. All they need is a fully-loaded trunk, shades, enough beer, and they are good to stream from outdoors.

Poker Highlights at the Caribbean Poker Party

The live Caribbean Poker Party debuted in 2016, and since then, it’s a show stopper for poker players across the globe. However, the COVID-19 pandemic likely interfered with this year’s main events in many ways. For instance, this year’s price point is down to $5,300 from last year’s $10,300. This year’s guaranteed win for the main event is $5 million, compared to the $1.1 million that Adrian Mateos won in last year’s.

Nevertheless, the price point is quite affordable and will attract quite a magnitude; hence the party will likely be a huge success. The main event will be played on two separate occasions, Day 1A and Day 1B. Day 1A plays on November 15th, while 1B plays on November 25th. There will still be additional three action days to determine the winner.

Multiple Poker Events at the Caribbean Poker Party

Besides the main event, there are numerous other poker events for varying bankrolls. Remember, this year’s event is bigger than ever as the World Poker Tour will co-produce it at a $100 million cost. The event’s online version came at the right time when online poker is already widespread across the mainstream. Therefore, we should expect all rooms to be fully-packed.

The other highlighted events that players should expect include The Opener, Super High Roller, and Heads-Up. Players will need a minimum bankroll of $1,050 to play The Opener on November 13th and stand a chance to win $500,000. Super High Roller requires a $25,000 bankroll to win up to $2,000,000 on November 17th. $100,000 prize is guaranteed for Heads-Up, to be played on November 18th, with a $1,050 bankroll.

Numerous Satellites and Promotions Are Guaranteed at the Event

To make this year’s Caribbean Poker Party spectacle and memorable, players of different bankrolls will still have the opportunity to qualify and play at the Main Event. The satellite program is already running to diversify the entry points into the event. The satellite program also aims to reward ten players with a $55 seat at the party every week. If you’re an ardent poker player and trust your skills, this is the perfect time to make a move on the satellites and stand a chance to play at the Main Event.

While many people thought this year’s Caribbean Poker Party would be a flop, it will likely be the biggest and most successful ever. Players should expect the event to grow bigger in the coming years as more sponsors are already willing to throw weight behind it. It is a big moment for Party Poker and all esteemed players.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.