The Colosseum Is Officially Relaunched!

Caesars Palace has officially launched the Colosseum once again, and people who were visitors of the two sold-out shows that took place on Sept. 6 and 7 had an opportunity to witness all the upgrades that took place while the venue was closed. There were both upgrades in terms of design and technics, which created an even better experience for all fans of the Colosseum.

The show that took place on Sept. 6 and 7 was Keith Urban, who performed as a part of his Grafitti U World Tour. He was basically the first performer to welcome fans after the Colosseum was renovated. It has the new admission capability, and there are numerous performances that are waiting to happen in this legendary place.


Urban has a very dynamic performance, so he was a perfect option for the Colosseum so that it can showcase its new amazing sound system. Moreover, the venue has great moving light fixtures, as well as a huge HD LED video wall.

Apart from great technical additions, the seating has also been refurbished. Moreover, there is an automated seating system with flexible configurations.

The Colosseum was enhanced design-wise, but it still managed to preserve its integrity and retain the original look that people love. Its character and prestige are still spot-on, as another season is starting at the venue.

Urban performed some of his amazing songs such as Stupid Boy, Blue Ain’t Your Color, Never Comin Down, and more. Moreover, he gave the audience an opportunity to listen to his latest single called We Were. When he wasn’t singing or playing great guitar solos, Urban expressed his gratitude for being a part of The Colosseum, testing its new audio and video enhancements.

There is one great addition to the place that makes all the difference. Apart from the enhanced space capability, there is also a brand new VIP banquette seating space that also includes cocktail service. Moreover, the lobby bar is now even bigger in order to make service quicker for people who like drinking specialty cocktails.

Moreover, visitors can order various other beverages and snacks. The merchandise area is now displaced in order to provide more room for people passing by, as the Colosseum is going to be very busy in the upcoming months.

More To Come

Since it first opened its doors, the Colosseum has been visited by no less than 10 million people, enjoying great music performances and other popular shows. The Colosseum was one of the first venues to introduce the Vegas artist residency concept, with musical artists staying in the city and performing for some time.

One of the bands that are planning a residency at the Colosseum in the upcoming months is the legendary band Journey, which will perform in October and December.

However, they are not the only ones who are planned for the last three months of 2019. In fact, there are performances almost every day in October, November, and December. Right now, Luis Miguel is performing, and Enrique Iglesias will visit Saturday. The next one will be Rod Stewart, and Jerry Seinfeld will also visit the venue.

In October, visitors will have an opportunity to watch various performers, including Steve Martin, Journey, Joe Bonamassa, Guns N’ Roses, Jeff Dunham, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Reba, Brooks & Dunn, and more. Journey will return once again in December.

Some of the confirmed artists and performers for 2020 include Van Morrison, Sting, and others. Therefore, if you plan to visit Vegas and you like attending live concerts and other performances, you should definitely check out The Colosseum!


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